“I’ve never had healthier nails and cuticles.”

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CND Cuticle Solar Oil
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There’s an often unspoken shame that comes with a trip to the nail salon when your cuticles are dry and overgrown. Your technician might not say anything outright — although some aren’t shy about pointing out your nails’ imperfections — but a hint of judgement can fill the air as cuticle remains pile up on the table during a manicure.

Whether you’re tired of nodding along and laughing while a manicurist comments on the volume of dead skin they’re removing or you simply don’t have the time or spare cash to regularly enjoy a professional treatment, there’s another way to achieve healthy looking nails. The same cuticle oil often used at nail salons is also available on Amazon, meaning you can click and ship the product straight to your door for a similar experience at home.

According to many, this Solar Oil from CND is one of the best cuticle oils on the market. Not only is it Amazon’s number one best-selling cuticle care product, but it’s also the site’s best-selling nail care product overall.

The conditioning treatment utilizes a combination of jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin E to deeply penetrate the skin and soften cuticles while promoting strong nails. Apply it to your nails at least once a day to start revealing smoother nail beds and stronger nails.

Amazon shoppers are obsessed with the simple beauty product, awarding it a 4.4-star rating overall and hundreds of five-star reviews. One customer said that they didn’t even recognize their hands after using the cuticle oil for a few months. “My hands don't even look like mine. The overgrown ‘hedges’ around my nails have totally disappeared as has peeling skin [and] hangnails. I had a manicure recently and there wasn't even anything for them to trim… This will be a lifelong staple.”

Another started using the product after a manicurist gave her a bottle to take home. “I’ve never had healthier nails and cuticles,” she wrote. “Also [it] smells delicious. I almost want to taste it, but I won’t because that’s just weird.”

The oil is also great for anyone whose nails dry out because of harsh winter weather. “I've had hard long nails since the age of 14, but when I moved to [the] upper Midwest 10 years ago with brutal winters, they all broke off by December… I applied this product not only around the cuticle area but under the nail, several times a day [and] I believe this made the biggest difference. They are no longer dried out from cold and heat.”

At $9 a bottle, this cuticle oil is far cheaper than a professional manicure, but tons of shoppers say it delivers salon quality results. Shop the nail care essential from Amazon for your healthiest looking nails ever.

CND SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Care
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