There's an Astrological Reason Why Your Sign Should Wear This One Nail Color for Capricorn Season

It's time for fun.

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Welcome to winter, people.

The change of seasons that begins on December 21 during the winter solstice brings many shifts, as well as the beginning of the sun's month-long stint in the sign Capricorn. Being that the holidays and the new year fall during this solar shift, we can incorporate metallic, sparkle, and glitter into our nail polish looks.

It's time to have fun and lean into the holiday spirit.

Find out which polish color your sign should be wearing for the season — and why, below.

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Capricorn: OPI Chopstix and Stones

Nail Polish capricorn

Temper your sentiments by embracing a tranquil outlook this month. You work hard — therefore, you should rest hard too, Capricorn. This peaceful blue nail polish will allow you to find your inner calm and chill place. It will remind you to take a break from drama and stresses in life.

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Aquarius: Smith & Cult Love Lust Lost

Nail Polish Aquarius

Although you usually wear bright and unique colors on your nails, you're opting to take a more subdued approach this month in order to stay out of the limelight. This means focusing solely on your own personal needs, and no one else's. Putting yourself first will feel nice for change.

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Pisces: Nails.INC Chrome Is Where The Heart

Nail Polish Pisces

Life will feel like a dream with this lovely color. The soft metallic shade will help you to embrace your hopes and innermost visions in the month ahead, as well as use your tender emotions to work through existing issues with people in an effort to build a better foundation.

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Aries: ILNP Sweet Pea

Nail Polish Aries

Every now and again you like to soften up your image. This sweet pink nail polish will allow others to see all of your amazing attributes, as it is allowing you to open up your heart and bring in love — not only for yourself, but for those you care about.

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Taurus: Kure Bazaar Kale

Nail Polish Taurus

Being known as one of the creatives of the zodiac means that you're always looking for inspiration. This shade of sea-green is a great choice to ignite your imagination and to bring your artistry to real life. The moment you put it on, you'll feel extremely motivated to make art.

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Gemini: ella+mila Mirror Mirror

Nail Polish Gemini

It's time for you to look inwards, Gemini. The only way to do that is to check your actions in the mirror and make necessary changes. Luckily, this silver nail polish will be of great assistance to you while you're embarking on the transformative path that you are now on.

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Cancer: Pacifica Star Gaze

Nail Polish Cancer

Relationships are super important to you — not just now, but always. A cool purple metallic hue will urge you to put your best foot forward when it comes to hashing out differences with loved ones and letting go of old issues — especially since the holidays are right around the corner.

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Leo: Orly Turn It Up

Nail Polish Leo

Shake up your daily vibe this month, Leo! You can add more spice and fun into your world if you allow yourself to enjoy the moments as they come instead of worrying. A bright seasonal confetti nail polish will help you in abandoning the mundane anxieties that come your way.

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Virgo: ILNP Liberty

Nail Polish Virgo

You're wanting to start fresh and reboot your life this winter. A milky white nail polish with flecks of confetti will let you turn over a new leaf — it's the blank canvas you want. Think of this as an emotional reset.

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Libra: No. 16

Nail Polish Libra

Nothing says holiday cheer and spirit like this cherry red nail polish. Wearing it on your nails while celebrating with your family and friends will make you reminisce about the good old days. Just keep in mind that there are more fabulous times coming! The future is limitless for you, Libra!

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Scorpio: OPI Turn Bright After Sunset

Nail Polish Scorpio

Get festive, Scorpio! Update the classic black nail polish that you usually wear by incorporating some holiday cheer into it — this translates to sparkle. A little glitter will bring out the holiday spirit in your look without compromising the vibe and style that you like to wear on your stingers.

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Sagittarius: Butter London London Fog

Nail Polish Sagittarius

You're vying for a softer look than usual — particularly because you're wanting to have a chill holiday and NYE. Wearing a soft green nail polish will help you plant the seeds for the future and manifest the goals that you want to achieve in 2022. You got this, Sag!

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