By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 11:52 am
Credit: Getty Images

By now, we're used to all sorts of skin-care, nail art, and beauty trends coming to the Western world by way of South Korea. That said, we'll put our money on the "bracelet nails" manicure — an original design by Korea-based Unistella Nails — becoming the next big thing in nail art.

The design gets its name from the bracelet-like lines sweeping across each of the nails, usually overlapping one another the way loose bangles dance up and down a wrist. According to a Byrdie exclusive, who discovered the trend, the designer was inspired by friendship bracelets.

Some lines are clean and narrow polish stripes, some are actual pieces of string, and others are textured gold. There's usually a gem or two strategically placed, often where two lines intersect, and the lines are almost always drawn over a naked, short, glossy nail.

This one plays up a blue and gold theme and is accented with tiny golden horseshoes.

Both of these use an assortment of colored stripes and gold accents.

This bracelet nails manicure was created by IG user _maysecond_ and deviates from the norm with pink accents and a pear "bracelet."