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Sally Hansen Nails - LEAD
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You might not be able to trade in your entire winter wardrobe for lighter fabrics just yet, but the weather has no impact on your nail art. Save the flowers for your Coachella crown and do your spring manicure right with this exclusive aquatic jewel-toned manicure that’ll have you dreaming of your Out-of-Office days by the pool.

The design, created by Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole, couldn’t be easier to create at home, too. Follow Poole’s step-by-step below to get the look for yourself.

Sally Hansen Nails - 6
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Step 1: Apply Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail and Cuticle Oil ($7; target.com) and massage onto cuticle area. Remove from nail plate with alcohol or nail polish remover before painting.

Sally Hansen Nails - 1
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Step 2: Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Cool Cucumber ($7; walmart.com).

Sally Hansen Nails - 3
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Step 3: Use a makeup sponge cut in half to lightly apply Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Bamboost ($7; walmart.com). Concentrate the color towards the middle of the nail and blend upward towards the free edge.

Sally Hansen Nails - 2
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Step 4: To create a smoother blend, pour out a small puddle of Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Cool Cucumber and apply a mixture of dark green and mid-tone green to the center of the nail where the two colors meet. This will allow for a smoother blend.

Sally Hansen Nails - 5
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Step 5: Repeat this step with the teal color, Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Teal Good ($8; ulta.com). Continue blending colors until you're satisfied with the transition.

Sally Hansen Nails - 4
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Step 6: After allowing the nails to dry 5 minutes apply Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat ($7; target.com) to further blend and seal colors together.