The One Nail Color Each Sign Should Wear for Virgo Season

It's time for an understated look.

On August 22, the sun entered the earthy sign of Virgo, where it will remain until September 22.

As the last zodiac sign of summer, Virgo longs to rock a more understated look that lets their inner and outer beauty shine. That's not to say Virgo doesn't like to play with color, but they are drawn to more muted, darker, or docile hues when it comes to the nail polishes they choose. Yet, every so often, they'll opt for a pop of color.

Nail Polishes for Virgo Season
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However, they like to keep it simple and let their luxury accessories, shoes, clothing, and goods to the talking. Now it's time for other signs to take note.

Discover the exact color your sign should wear for Virgo season, ahead.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

A whisper of color is the perfect hue for you to adorn your nails with during your birthday month. It's not that you don't want to be seen — you just like minimal color on your nails to ensure it matches every outfit and look that you wear.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

Right now, you're taking a backseat to matters and relationships as others are guiding you to greatness. Their intentions are pure — as are yours — which is why a pearlescent white nail polish will help you believe in others and yourself while on this journey towards your spiritual awakening.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

The colorful carob is known to bring life-changing wisdom and insights, while the plant helps in healing and aiding the body. Therefore, it is a no brainer that this rich dark chocolate color would align with your innate transformative energy to be the ideal hue to adorn your nails with.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season
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You have a lot going on in your life and need to slow down a bit. Although it is hard for you to take a step back due to your fiery and rambunctious sentiments, a light blue nail polish will push you to rest and rejuvenate your energy this month.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

Emerald green is the color of money and stability — two things that you love and want to acquire. Wearing this nail polish in the last month of summer will allow you to plant the seeds for the next season and help you attain the aspirations and power that you want.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season
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You rarely brag about how special you are, due to the fact that you rarely show off your awesome qualities and attributes. Now's the time to let the world see you as the superstar that you are — one beautiful and lovely coat of glittery gold nail polish at a time.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season
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Attaining balance and relaxation is key right now — even though it may be hard to attain at the moment due to your busy schedule. A dark grey nail polish will help you navigate the extremes of life and bring you the inner peace you will need in the upcoming weeks.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

A deep plum nail polish is not only practical for everyday wear to work and happy hour with friends and fun enough to wear during the last days of summer. Also, plum represents perseverance which is one of your most admirable qualities. Therefore, it's a perfect match for you, Aries!

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

Creativity is in the air! A bright orange nail polish will totally inspire your earthy attributes to lean into your inner artist. Let your talents shine this month with the help of a little color magic on your nails to bring your visions to fruition. It will ignite your greatness!

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

Virgo season is the time in which you're more apt to speak your truth. You won't get any tales twisted and have the ability to communicate clearly. A deep blue nail polish gives you the motivation to be authentic and real, as you temporarily put your trickster ways behind you.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

It's important for you to always trust your intuition — even though it's hard because your emotions get your thoughts confused with all the intense energy surrounding them. A soft lilac nail polish will give you the power to lean into your gut feelings and believe in the voice within.

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Nail Polishes for Virgo Season

Being that your planetary ruler is the sun, it's important to soak up all its rays and energy during the last month of summer. A mellow yellow nail color that's reminiscent of sunflowers will be the best choice for you to bring in the good vibes in these upcoming weeks.

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