The One Nail Polish Shade Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear for Cancer Season

Leos will want to bring the drama.

Cancer Season Nail Polish
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June 21 marked the beginning of both Cancer season and the summer solstice.

This seasonal shift is making us all long for beach days with friends and hot romantic nights, sipping frosé with the wind from the ocean running through our hair. But fantasies aside, we'll all want to update our look by starting with fresh manicures.

Being that we are entering the first month of summer, it's time to bust out sparkly, neon, and other bold shades to paint our nails with. Anything goes this summer — but these are the best shades for your zodiac sign.

Trust us, with these hues, you'll be able to manifest an amazing summer.

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Cancer: Emilie Heathe Mr. M

Cancer Season Nail Polish
Emilie Heathe

It's your birthday season and that means it's time to glow up. A rich silver nail polish allows you to radiate and illuminate good vibes all month long as you party at the beach under the romantic moon. Now, you can shine on into another amazing year full of love.

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Leo: Orly Neon Paradise

Cancer Season Nail Polish

We all know that you live for the drama and flair of choosing a vibrant nail polish color. That's why this bright color will be your ideal pick for the month ahead. It'll grant you lots of attention from onlookers who are interested in copying your neon green vibe.

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Virgo: Sundays No.10

Cancer Season Nail Polish

A soft pick will help bring you closer to your personal goals, as well as boost your creativity. This no fuss nail polish shade of bubblegum pink will match almost every outfit and bathing suit you have, making it ideal to splash around in during the first month of summer.

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Libra: Côte No.58

Cancer Season Nail Polish

You're walking on the sunnier side of the street — so why not wear a shade of daisy yellow on your nails that reflects the positive sentiment? With all the good vibes on your side now, you will want to wear this color 24/7 to ensure they keep on coming.

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Scorpio: Cirque Colors New Wave

Cancer Season Nail Polish
Cirque Colors

Your personality is known to be intense. Wearing nail polish on your claws that reflects your innermost sentiments will get you beach ready for a few moments under the sizzling sun this summer. Your nails and emotions will be a reflection of the heightening heat and weather outside. That's hot!

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Sagittarius: Haywire Neon

Cancer Season Nail Polish
Etsy @PolishMeSilly

You're the one who's always throwing the best events — bonfires on the beach, boat parties, or a simple rager at home. A nail polish that's full of excitement and liveliness, such as this color, not only upholds your inner vibrancy, but also reflects the joy you keep within.

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Capricorn: 786 Cosmetics Provence

Cancer Season Nail Polish

Since you're longing for balance, a shade of soft purple nail polish can bring peace, harmony, and serenity to everything that you undertake this month. You'll become grounded and calm from wearing this hue, making it an ideal pick for you. Now, you can finally center and reset your energy.

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Aquarius: UNDN Laqr Dream Crusher

Cancer Season Nail Polish

In the month ahead, you're focusing on reclaiming your power. A shimmery white nail polish will let you move towards your goals with pure intentions. When in doubt of the path you're on and personal hopes, just look to your nails for inspiration. They will not lead you astray.

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Pisces: Nails.INC Hot Tropical Watermelon

Cancer Season Nail Polish
Nails Inc.

Watermelon sugar nail polish will get your fins splashing around in the water. This juicy shade represents happiness — being that Cancer season is bringing you love and warmth, it's a great color to wear. You can manifest great things in the month ahead with this sweet and vivacious summertime hue.

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Aries: Loud Lacquer Coachella

Cancer Season Nail Polish

Being that you have a tempestuous and fiery nature, you'll want to wear a shade of nail polish that radiates your passionate nature. A sparkly orange shade will heat up your life (in a positive way) during the summertime months ahead. You'll gain creativity, abundance, and all you desire.

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Taurus: BKIND Karma

Cancer Season Nail Polish

You're finding your voice in the weeks ahead, which is why a soft hue of slate blue is ideal for you to wear on your nails. It will give you the motivation to speak from the heart and to assert your truths by saying what you mean without any hesitation.

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Gemini: ILNP

Cancer Season Nail Polish

This shade of seafoam green will encourage you to have fun in the sun and lean into the good times as they come your way. Don't let the moments pass out by — cherish them. Be an active participant in your life, instead of sitting by the sidelines this summer.

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