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My manicure situation is as follows: skip the base coat, paint on oxblood polish, find stained nails when I remove polish a week later, repeat. Unless I'm treating myself to a professional paint job at a fancy salon, my only priority when it comes to giving myself a manicure is avoiding chipping or smudging, so I pass on whatever steps seem unnecessary, therefore applying a base coat is usually cut.

Even though using a base coat could be the solution to my post-manicure stained nails, taking a few extra minutes to prime my nails just seems like too much effort on an average day. However, my stance on whether or not base coats are necessary has done a complete 180 after trying Veque's Ve Blanc base coat.

What makes this base coat so special is that it's actually not clear like all of the other ones. It's actually a slightly milky white, so when it dries down on your nails, it looks the same as any sheer neutral polish. The texture is also thicker than any other base coat I've tried, so I imagine it won't get sticky once the bottle's been opened and used for a few months. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, 5 plus-free, and is non-toxic.

The reason the indie brand made its base coat tinted is so that in addition to preventing stains and creating a smooth base for manicures, it'll also make any nail color polish pop — specifically pastels and neons.

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Canary yellow and slime green are two of my favorite nail polish trends of the past year, but it's tough to get both colors to look exactly like they do in the bottle without painting a handful of coats on your nails. However, after Veque's base coat the seafoam green polish I painted on my nails was completely opaque in a single coat. And yes, my nails stayed chip and stain-free after riding my manicure out for eight days.

That's a grand total of three coats of polish (including top coat) instead of the five or six it would normally take when doing a manicure with a pastel shade. I guess base coats can actually save me some time. That is, if I'm using the right one.