The One Nail Color Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear During Aquarius Season

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Aquarius season began on January 19 and will last until February 18. During these days, we will embrace our unique sentiments and individuality — that's right, it's time to accept our quirks.

With that comes the need to express our true selves through the nail polishes we use to adorn our nails. Ahead are the colors that will speak to your zodiac sign's true spirit over the next 30 days.

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Aquarius: Essie No Place Like Chrome


For your solar return, it's important that you wear something extra special that will get you all of the attention that you want. A super shiny silver nail polish will help you get noticed, as well as bring out a lot of your vigor, coolness, free spirit and fun energy.

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Pisces: Janet & Jo Launch Party


The world may feel like a dream over the next thirty days, since you are taking time out of the limelight to reflect and relax. Blue nail polish will help you find your center and a place of calm while you decompress at home during the cold wintery days ahead.

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Aries: UNDN Twenty Five to Life


It's time to have the motivation to lean into your goals. A vibrant orange nail polish will motivate you to attain all the greatness and aspirations you want this month. Not only that, but it will be a source of inspiration for you as you manifest your innate objectives.

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Taurus: Côte No. 19


Give your career all that you got! Wear a pink nail polish this season to ensure that you attain money, fame, and everything that you want when it comes to your career. Success is literally at your fingertips. You got this, Taurus!

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Gemini: ella+mila Party In a Bottle


Step out of the box and go on a wild adventure this month. Have a great time exploring your local community with your crew or plan a virtual celebration with friends that lasts all night. Wear this nail polish because it's a party in a bottle.

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Cancer: Deborah Lippmann Pleasure Principle


A soft, pearly pink nail polish will help you focus on matters of the heart and romance — which are the only sentiments weighing on your mind and shoulders now. By adorning your pincers with this soft shade (called Whatever Lola Wants), you'll want to embrace the softness of love.

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Leo: Deborah Lippmann Blue Orchid


The month ahead calls for you to find balance in your relationships. Rather than putting yourself first, check in with friends, lovers, and partners to focus on their needs for once. This light periwinkle blue nail polish will help you keep the peace and give TLC to those you love.

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Virgo: Smith & Cult Bitter Cashmere Daydream


Wearing muted green shade on your nails will help you manifest money and earthly desires over the next 30 days. Also, it will allow you to advance your career and reach new professional heights. The world is yours this month, Virgo. Now, take it! After all, you totally deserve it!

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Libra: Butter London Steady On!


It's time for you to wipe the pallet clean and start fresh. Wearing a cream nail polish this month will give you the incentive to create the life you want and deserve — on your own terms. You're holding the paintbrush. What do you want to cultivate, grow, and achieve?

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Scorpio: tenoverten Carmine


Even though you're spending more time at home, it doesn't mean that you won't be heating and slicing things up in your relationship or dwelling. Therefore, you should wear a sizzling wintery red nail polish on your stingers to remind you to use your passionate nature for good this month.

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Sagittarius: Nailtopia Curve Ball


You are the life of the party, which is why you need a nail polish that dictates that sentiment. A bright purple will bring you luck and an abundance of good times with friends, family, coworkers, and your significant other — all of things that your rambunctious and fiery vibes love.

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Capricorn: Metallic Composition


You were focusing your energies and boosting your bank account, which is why a rose gold nail polish will help in giving you the incentive to focus on saving your pennies for an upcoming rainy day and asking for the promotion or raise that you deserve from work this month.

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