By Kelly Bryant
Updated Apr 19, 2016 @ 6:30 am
Getty Images

We live in a world where we can rock mermaid hair and even a mermaid smoky eye, so why shouldn’t our nails also get some sort of aquatic princess treatment? Behold aquarium nails, the glitzy mani that is having a serious moment.

Here’s what we know about how nail artists are achieving this look, as per this handy YouTube tutorial. Baby oil and glitter are sandwiched between a double-paned acrylic nail, then rhinestone and glitter application ensues atop said nail. This offers up the aquarium-like effect because the oil and glitter mixture in between the nail panes “floats.”

Now trying to DIY this look in the exact manner as the tutorial could be kind of burly. The nail artist lost us at the part where she was popping the baby oil and glitter in between the acrylics. With that being said, there are plenty of fun nail art kits out there that can give you the aquarium vibe without the potential for mess.

NYX Cosmetics Precious Pearls Nail Jewelry ($9.99,, for example, will give you the heart of the ocean on your fingertips with pearls in black, white, and opal. And if you’re set on those sparkly rhinestones, KISS Nails Real Crystals ($3.99, Walgreens) make for easy application because they’re already pre-glued. Celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards recommends applying the jewels while your polish is still a bit tacky, then seal with a top coat to keep them in place. Genius! Get some inspo for your own designs below.