It's Going To Be All About the Almond Nails This Summer

This shape works for almost everyone.

Summer is here, and it's time to get summer-ready, which includes getting a pretty manicure.

Last year, our nails didn't get to shine with cute designs, as most of the nail salons were closed. And quite frankly, no one cared about decorating their nails at the time. But this year, things are looking up — and it's time to get back on-trend.

Almond-shaped nails are in this season. And just like the name suggests, the shape resembles the nut and can be worn long or short. You've probably seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez rocking the popular manicure shape before.

Almond Shape Nail Ideas
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The slightly rounded tip has become increasingly popular since it works well with most nail designs and elongates the fingers for that lovely dainty look.

"I've always loved almond-shaped nails, as they suit most nail beds," says manicurist, Chloe Corbishley-Bull. "It's one of the most natural-looking shapes, and always adds a touch of elegance."

Below, we asked Bull to share a few almond-shaped nail designs that are perfect for summer.

Abstract Nail Art

Abstract nail designs are a great way to experiment with your artistic side because, quite frankly, anything goes. Think swirly lines, bold dots, and triangular shapes. The designs are unique to you, and the almond shape provides a soft feminine finish.

"Abstract nail art on an almond-shaped nails is one of my favorite things to do at the moment, there's literally inspiration everywhere," says Bull. "My client brought some Pinterest inspiration for this cute set which we played around with."

The manicurist painted over a nude base color using her favorite Brillbird Brush & Go Color Gel in color GO1 to create abstract sections and lines. And the great thing about this design is that you can have fun mixing different colors to create your pattern.

The Pink French Manicure

An almond-shaped nail couldn't be more perfect for this elegant French manicure.

"I'm obsessed with a cute French manicure, so this is a little twist on the traditional design," says Bull. "I was inspired by beautiful le mini macaron nail stickers."

To create the look, Bull starts by painting the nails with The GelBottle polish in 19 Biab then uses The GelBottle polish in Marilyn to paint on the tip.

"Start from the free edge of the nail and drag your brush round from one end to the other, then go back in and tidy up your lines," she explains. "You can use acetone to get that perfect crisp line."

Finish off by applying le mini macaron butterfly nail sticker and a high gloss topcoat.

Strawberry Fields

These short, almond, strawberry field nails are a fun, fruity summer design. The shape of the individual strawberries complements the almond shape, while the bold red color adds a subtle contrast to the nude base polish.

"To create this design, use OPI Beyond Pale Pink for the base and for the strawberries you can use OPI Red-y For The Holidays, OPI Two Timing Zones The Zones, and OPI Olive For Green for the leaves," explains Bull.

After painting your nude base color, use Brillbird's Nail art line brush to create upside-down egg shapes.

"Once the egg shapes are dry, add little white seeds using the very tip of your art brush and let that dry," says Bull. "Finally add a little green top to the strawberries by painting one green line in the middle and two on either side. Finish off with a topcoat."

Pretty Pastels

These pastel tips add a summery twist to the traditional French manicure, and the gold and white dotted border enhances the almond-shaped nail. For this pattern, Bull uses OPI nail polishes in That's Hula-rious, Mexico City Move Mint, Do You Lilac It, Don't Tell a Sol, and To Infinity and Blue-yond.

"Start by applying a nude base. Next, paint the pastel-colored French tips using the Brillbird 0 Brush," says Bull. "Dip the brush in the polish you wish to start with and drag it from one corner of the nail to the next, using acetone to neaten the lines."

The manicurist lets the tips dry and uses a dotting tool to add white dots, making sure to leave a space between each dot.

"Once the white dots have dried, I add gold dots in the spaces and finish with a topcoat."

Happy Faces

Who doesn't love a happy face? And what better time to rock smiley faces on your nails than in the summer, when the sun is blazing. For this look, Bull starts off with a nude base and uses a dotting tool to create circular shapes with Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish in Lavender, Berry Sorbet, Acai Smoothie, and OPI To Infinity and Blue-yond.

"I neaten up the lines of the circles with the Brillbird 0 Brush," she says. "Allow the circles to dry before drawing the details with Brillbird 0 Brush and Barry M Hi Shine polish in Black Forest. Next, create two oval eyes by pressing your brush down gently on the nail."

For the smile, the manicurist uses the tip of the brush to draw a fine line. "You can use acetone to neaten the lines up if you go slightly wobbly," she explains. Finish off by applying a high-gloss topcoat.

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