10 Almond Nail Designs to Try for Your Next Manicure

This classic shape is so versatile.

Nail Designs Perfect for Almond Nails
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There are many things that are actually too good to be true, but almond-shaped nails aren't one of them. It's the unicorn of nail shapes as it can be worn short or long, suits most nail beds, and virtually any nail art design will complement it.

Not to mention, the shape can even enhance your hands: Almond nails create the optical illusion of longer nails and add an air of elegance to them.

"The almond nail is a modernized version of the classic oval nail shape," says Queenie Nguyen, a Los Angeles-based nail artist. "Because the shape is slightly narrower than oval, it's a great way to elongate the fingers."

The shape looks exactly like the nut it's named after, and it's fairly easy to file on your own. Nguyen suggests pre-cutting the nails and outlining the shape so you have a guide. Then, file both sides of the nail moving towards the middle of the tip to create the almond shape. "Take your time to perfect the shape as it's not about being extra pointy like a stiletto nail," she says. "It has a softer almond-tip finish." Finally, clean it up with a buffer for a clean, smooth finish.

With so many nail art options at your fingertips, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to try. So, keep scrolling for 10 of the best almond nail designs to consider for your next manicure.

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Milky Gold Swirls

"Most swirly designs typically run vertically down the nails, so the almond shape provides the extra support for this trend to elongate the fingers and the art to pop," Nguyen says. Case in point: this milky white and gold swirl design she created.

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Mismatched Nails

What's great about this trend is that anything goes. Simply pick five different designs, choose your color palettes, and paint away. We're into this vibrant take on the trend by nail artist Amy Le.

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Nail artist Sigourney Nuñez keeps it classic with red half-moons. The beauty of this design is that it always looks fresh – even as your nails grow out.

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Deep V French Manicure

Forget what you think you know about the French manicure: thin white tips aren't the only way to wear the classic design. For almond nails, Nguyen says a deep V French compliments the shape. "[It] makes it easy to map out the deep French scoop in the middle and the longer end on both sides of the nail," she says.

You can play with the depth of the V and the color of the tips to make the look your own.

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Geometric Nails

Colorful geometric shapes are a fun twist on a rainbow manicure. Here, nail artist Miss Pop plays with shapes and negative space for eye-catching creations.

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Crystal Ball Nails

The Euphoria influence has reached our fingertips. Crystal accents are trending in makeup and also in manicures. Paint your nails any solid base, then set the crystals in place with nail glue.

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Daisy French

Add accent nails to a French manicure with tiny daisies. Although the flowers look intricate, they can be drawn using a nail art brush or the end of a bobby pin. Save this yellow and white design by Amy Tran for future reference.

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Checkerboard Designs

The simple yet bold pattern adds a retro flair to any manicure. This is another nail art trend that works well with any color scheme.

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Half-and-Half Nails

This colorful design is easy to DIY — no matter your skill level — and is guaranteed to flood your feed with compliments when you share it on Instagram. Simply divide the nail in half with a swirly line, then paint the bottom white and the top half your color of choice.

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Confetti Nails

You don't need a reason to celebrate in order to try this manicure. While the confetti design channels the party spirit, it also has a bit of an '80s vibe.

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