I'm a Skincare Snob, and I Was Shocked at How Much I Loved This Celebrity-Adored Brand's Body Oil

A new mainstay in my routine.

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I’m a Skincare Snob, and I Was Shocked at How Much I Loved This Celebrity-Loved Brand’s Body Oil
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Skincare doesn't stop at your neck or even your decolletage, it is a very literal head-to-toe operation. The body-care category has, however, historically lagged in comparison to facial skincare. But for the last two or so years, new brands and products have been finding and filling these pockets of missed opportunity. One recent brand to address the need is the celebrity-adored body and skincare brand, Mutha.

I discovered Mutha when my older sister was pregnant, and I was helping her look for a pregnancy-safe, rich moisturizing body cream. She ended up with a tub of Mutha's Body Butter, while I bought the Body Oil.

The butter is great and rich, but I am forever partial to oil above any other formula. To the un-obsessed, all oils might seem the same, at least texturally — unlike with a lotion or a cream there is no "gel oil" or whipped oil — but the sheen, the texture, the utter luxury of Mutha's Body Oil is unlike any of the other dozens of oils I've tried.

Mutha Body Oil


Shop now: $35; mutha.com

I went through a few different stages of appreciation for this body oil. The first was instant, feeling the orange, rich silkiness on my hands and as I spread it across my legs. The second stage came the next night when I realized how incredibly hydrated and smooth my legs felt. The third and final stage has been enjoying its long-term benefits. Although I am serious about my body skincare, I cannot say I am as dedicated to that routine as I am with my face — there simply isn't enough time every day! Although I feel like the most regal and magical version of myself when I use the oil four to five days a week, twice a week is the groove I've fallen into, and it does the job well.

The oil is not greasy. It quickly absorbs into my skin leaving behind a glistening sheen without making my body feel like a Slip 'N Slide. My skin retains the moisture, too — it doesn't wash out in the shower or rub off onto my clothes.

I’m a Skincare Snob, and I Was Shocked at How Much I Loved This Celebrity-Loved Brand’s Body Oil
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I am not alone in my adoration of the brand. Kate Hudson and Marisa Tomei have both been seen using the Body Butter, and according to a Mutha brand representative, Emma Watson and Behati Prinsloo are fans, and supermodel Karlie Kloss is a repeat buyer.

To give you an idea of how powerful this smoothing body oil is, when I was snuggling up on the couch with my friend, she made an alarmed noise and then said, "What?! How does your skin feel this soft?" If you'd like to have the surreally soft skin of your dreams head to Mutha for the Body Oil or Body Butter.

Mutha Body Butter


Shop now: $95; mutha.com

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