The Must-See Beauty Looks of the Week, from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Hudson

DBB - 070517- Kendall Jenner
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We're well into summer now, and celebrities are amping up their beauty looks to match the heat.

It has been a week of strong and stellar makeup and hair looks, from Jennifer Hudson's monochromatic makeup to Kendall Jenner's bold red lip. Leave it to these celebs to help you completely change your summer makeup routines.

Instead of going for an ever-popular matte lip look, Jenner surprised us by pulling off a bold shimmery lip that fused two warm weather mainstays (gloss and crimson red) together.

By keeping the rest of her look simple, Jenner let her lips be the star, and they really shined.

Take a look at some of our other beauty favorites from this week, and take notes, because you could be looking at your next summer beauty favorite.

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Lily Collins: Violet Eyeshadow

Lily Collins: Violet Eyeshadow
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If you're looking to shake up your makeup without going too crazy, take a note from Collins and go for a statement shadow. Her purple eyeshadow is a refreshing change from regular summer hues, and her makeup artist even revealed its exact shade to us! How's that for convenient?

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Jennifer Hudson: Fuchsia Lip

Jennifer Hudson: Fuchsia Lip
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Leave it to Hudson to pull off a killer beauty trend on her lips and her eyes. As we mentioned in our Daily Beauty Buzz feature, Hudson's lip is on point: the demi-matte finish of the hue keeps the shade from looking too harsh against her sparkly eye makeup. Win-win!

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Demi Lovato: Beachy Waves

Demi Lovato: Beachy Waves
Christian Augustin/Getty

The singer's beach-ready waves are the epitome of "summer hair," and we can't get enough of it. Our favorite part? How her waves bring out her subtle bronze highlights by mimicking the way the sunlight bounces off your hair.

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