By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jan 24, 2018 @ 9:30 am
Murad SPF
Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy

Just like I swap out my lightweight gel moisturizer for something creamier and richer when the cold weather hits and weather anchors are freaking out over bomb cyclones, the bottle of SPF sitting on my bathroom counter gets switched out, too. Not for a lower level of protection—that has to stay the same—but for a formula that meshes well with my foundation.

My makeup routine becomes much more involved in the winter (think concealer, skin tints, blush, etc.), which means more products that have to layer over one another without pilling, smudging, or smearing. SPF at the base can be somewhat challenging in this case. I made it my goal to find a non-greasy yet effective formula that absorbed quickly and still had a high level of protection from the sun's rays, but wouldn't cause my foundation to cake up. And because sunscreen is a daily non-negotiable, I spent countless days with pilled makeup just to find the best choice. Finally, I discovered a tube that came through—Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

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After hearing my friend's many praises, I decided to give it a shot. Before even applying it, I was impressed that it was a 100 percent mineral sunscreen, meaning it draws upon titanium dioxide and zinc oxide instead of other chemicals to shield your skin from UVA/UVB rays, and had an SPF 50. But once out of the tube and into my hands, the liquid-like consistency won me over. It was easy to smooth over the surface of my skin, sunk in quickly, and didn't disturb how my foundation applied or sat on my skin.

On top of the sun protection, it keeps your skin youthful-looking thanks to an infusion of vitamin C, which brightens dark spots, and a color-correcting tint that helps even out your complexion even before applying any type of makeup.

I don't think it'll matter if it's a 98 degree July afternoon or the third day of a bomb cyclone—I'll keep applying this sunscreen all year long.