We Bet You Can’t Guess the Most Googled Beauty Question of 2016

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We don’t want to even attempt to tally how many things we googled this year. Many of them—among the directions to brunch, symptoms of illnesses, and cute pics of Chris Pratt—were about beauty. But shockingly, “How to Get a Kylie Lip Kit” did not top the list of the Most-Googled Beauty Questions of 2016. No, not even the release date for Urban Decay’s new NAKED palette, or Blake Lively’s various heavenly hairstyles.

Before the anticipation gets the best of you, we’ll just come right out with it. The top searched beauty Q this year was actually… how to do a fishtail braid?

We gotta say, we were kinda surprised, considering all the major beauty breakthroughs that have happened this year alone. But then again, the technique is slightly different than the standard 3-strand braid, doesn’t reveal itself to the naked eye, and the writer of this particular story actually learned how to fishtail braid by googling it and watching a YouTube video, so we can relate. Ah, technology, we love you.

The runner up? How to make hair grow faster! Raise your hand if you’ve had a bad haircut and immediately left to the salon to find remedies on the glorious place that is the Internet. You can check out the entire roundup of questions (and InStyle's answers) below.

The Most Googled Beauty Questions in 2016

1. How to do a fishtail braid?

2. How to make hair grow faster?

3. How to shape eyebrows?

4. How to curl hair?

5. How to remove gel nails?

6. How to clean makeup brushes?

7. How to apply concealer?

8. How to get rid of bags under your eyes?

9. How to fill in eyebrows?

10. What is balayage?

We're not here to diss the encyclopedia, but when you're dealing with an eyebrow travesty, you need immediate answers—like LTE fast.

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