By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 6:25 am
Monica Schipper / Getty Images

We've seen some pretty out there manicures lately. Who can forget fur nails from the Libertine FW2016 NYFW, Vanessa Hudgens's weed nails, and scorpion nails, which are exactly what they sound like? While this mani is a bit more reigned in compared to the aforementioned, it still makes people think that you're bold enough to destroy U.S. currency. (Spoiler alert: This mani actually uses fake money, according to the manicurist).

To create this manicure, Instagram user liampeterrabbit — a Melbourne-based manicurist named Liam Peter Taylor — cut up a faux $1 bill and used the pieces to create a unique design on each nail. "Love these," he writes on IG.

Taylor has done some other cool nail art, as well. Check out some of our favorite looks below:

These Dolly Parton nails are giving us life.

These Spice Girls nails make us wish we could time travel to the '90s.

And this accent nail is everything.

Love it? Hate it? Would you wear it?