This Stunning 69-Year-Old Model Has the Secret for Eating Your Way to Clear Skin

Maye Musk
Photo: Courtesy CoverGirl

If the popularity of face mapping and dairy-free diets is of any indication, the connection between skincare and food is real. How many of your friends have temporarily sworn off sweets or that happy hour glass of wine just to see if it leads to less zits cropping up on their chins? So, when we had the opportunity to chat with Maye Musk, the 69-year-old supermodel and now CoverGirl ambassador, that also happens to be a registered dietitian nutritionist, the topic of snacking and its corelation to our complexions was essential.

"I was a science nerd who modeled, and now I’m a model who talks about science," she told us. You can consider us her students, actively ready to absorb her advice.

"First of all, the skin is the largest organ in the body, so if you’re going to eat well for your heart, or for your kidneys, or for your liver, then pretty much that will help your skin as well," she said when we brought up the topic.

While you might have heard that the Whole30 helped your best friend's sister identify the root of her rosacea and your co-worker regularly credits veganism to her regular glow, Musk swears by two other and relatively simplistic eating plans.

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"The main thing is the DASH Diet or the Mediterranean Diet, which is mainly vegetables, vegetarian rather, some low-fat dairy, and lean meats—chicken without the skin and fish," she explained.

The DASH Diet, as noted by the Mayo Clinic, is a plan that emphasizes reducing your daily sodium, while the Mediterranean Diet is known for its heart-healthy benefits.

"I eat vegetarian at home so I always have yogurt and milk, eggs, whole wheat bread, whole grains. Lots of vegetables and fruit. Cereals and oatmeal. That type of thing. So it’s just general easy-going," Musk told us.

If you're wondering if Musk ever jumps on a juice cleanse to keep her skin healthy and glowing, the answer is a resounding no. In fact, she says she doesn't juice at all and keeps her diet free of supplements. And kale salads? Nada. "I don’t like kale, so I don’t eat it," she told us. "I stick to science. And then when I go out and I have meat, fish, or chicken, I take half home and I have it with my meal the next day."

Her skincare and makeup routines are just as tried and true, not to mention, incredibly easy to follow. "I wash my face in the morning," she explained. "I always have eye cream and moisturizer with SPF. I always put something on my lips because it’s very dry. My dog wakes me at 6:30 in the morning, so pretty much I have to get up. So I just have to do that basics to get him out." She also said she always makes sure to apply SPF to her hands, and cover up with long sleeves and hats to block to shield the sun and keep her skin looking youthful.

When it comes time to put on makeup, Musk is all about CoverGirl's natural-finished foundations to even out her skin tone and maybe a swipe of purple lipstick here or there. "I have a whole range of CoverGirl lipsticks, and I’m having fun experimenting with them," she said, "I’ll have it more natural in the day, and then if I’m going out to lunch with friends, I’ll pump up the color. If I’m going to a red carpet or a fabulous evening event we can go from purples. I’m nearly 70 and it can be purple!"

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