By Dobrina Zhekova
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 10:15 am
Model Iskra Lawrence attends the Glamour & Lane Bryant celebration.
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Iskra Lawrence is on a quest to promote body positivity, and she's not having any of the Internet's body shaming. The model has repeatedly been victim to online bullies who accuse her of being a bad role model and promoting an unhealthy body image. Of course, we all know it's quite the opposite — and Lawrence is making sure those allegations do not remain unanswered.

Her latest Instagram post addresses just that, and her response to trolls is nothing short of inspiring. "it is NOT ok the body shame. ‼️And by ppl commenting on my body saying I'm too this or that to campaign and promote body positivity or the effects of trolling just take a seat. because you are also body shaming me. So let me do me, and you do you," Lawrence wrote on Instagram.

She also vowed to never stop her work until she sees more diversity and healthy body image in the media. #Praise

And if this didn't get the message through, she's got one more and it's pretty straightforward:

The world needs more women like Iskra.