Swipe left on this guy.

Mixed-Race Woman Shuts Down Tinder Date Who Suggested She Bleach Her Skin

[UPDATE]: According to a spokesperson for the app, Tinder has removed Nikolas, the man who made the comment to Allen, from the platform.

As if going on a Tinder date isn’t stressful enough, what with not knowing exactly who you’re about to spend any amount of time with or whether they were actually honest with their photo, an Australian woman just went on a date with the kind of guy nightmares are made of. What made this dude so bad? Oh, he told her she should consider bleaching her skin.


Takara Allen, a makeup artist, happens to be mixed-race and one Tinder suitor in particular felt it was a-ok to suggest she actually light her skin because “you’d look so much prettier if you were whiter!” Although pretty shocked and devastated by the text, Allen clapped back perfectly with this response: "Have you ever considered drinking bleach because the world would be so much prettier if you did✌."

She’s our new favorite person.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Allen expressed her frustration over the incident.

"I would never bleach my skin, but I understand why others would feel the need to. There's so much pressure for people of color like myself to conform to European beauty ideals and standards," she said. "In most cultures being 'paler' or 'white' allows that individual to be treated better due to systematic racism and we are taught from a young age that being 'whiter' makes us more desirable and attractive."

Allen’s outspokenness on the issue has garnered a lot of love and support from her followers, as well as total strangers who have become aware of her story. Hopefully one day conversations like this one won’t be necessary because everyone celebrates the beauty in diversity.