I Tried This $23 Hair Tool From Amazon, Which Gave Me Effortless Beachy Waves in Just 8 Minutes

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.

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This $23 Hair Tool From Amazon, and It Creates the Most Effortless Beachy Waves
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I have to confess that I'm really not into styling my hair. I live in Hawai'i, so most of the time, I'm hopping out of the ocean and letting my hair air-dry, praying that the effortless beachy-wave look that everyone seems to have here really comes that easily. But the problem is the salt water dries out my hair and scalp, so rather than soft waves, my hair has more of a hard crunch post-dip.

But when my best friend visited the islands recently, she brought along her Miserwe Curling Iron. Before a night out, she used it to crimp my hair, and I was astounded at how good it came out. The curls looked so effortless — it was that fresh-out-of-the-water look I'd been hoping for to keep up with the local beach-casual style — so I immediately ordered my own.

Rather than create barrel curls, the 1-inch triple-barrel curling iron crimps hair, but not in that cringey '80s way. You just open the clamp, place a section of hair inside, and clamp down, holding for just five to 10 seconds. Because my hair is on the thicker side, I like to separate it into two layers, starting from the bottom and then working my way up to the roots. The entire process takes me about 8 minutes — It's that simple and quick. And I don't even need hairspray! My curls always last through the entire night.

3 Barrel Curling Iron 1 inch Hair Crimper with LCD Temperature 430℉ Display Hair Wand Waver

Shop now: $23; amazon.com

If you want more of a barrel-style curl from the iron, which heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, you can easily achieve this by opening the clamp and twisting a smaller section of hair around the middle rod, then clamping down. These are equally as beautiful, although the final result is a little more done-up than what most people do around here.

On the left what my hair normally looks like, and on the right is what it looks like after a pass through the Miserwe:

Amazon Hair Tool Before and After Author Photo

Basically, this hair tool is a crimper and curler all in one, and I feel like it was designed especially for me, someone who has zero experience with styling her own hair. I appreciate that its handle stays cool even at the highest temperatures. It even comes with a heat-resistant glove, which was helpful when I was first learning to use the tool.

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers are also raving about this hair curler, calling it things like a "must-buy" in their reviews. One customer said that Miserwe's curling iron makes their "hair look like perfection," while another person, who bought it for their teenage daughter (she "loves it," by the way), agreed that it's so "easy to use."

I couldn't imagine going out without this hair curler now, and it has made my beauty routine so much faster. While quality curling irons and crimpers can cost a pretty penny, this amazing hair tool is just $23, making it a complete steal. Pick it up at Amazon for Hawai'i-ready waves wherever you are.

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