Miranda Kerr
Credit: In Balenciaga dress and earrings. Photo: Alexander Saladrigas/Cerutti and Co.

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel, a successful entrepreneur, and one half of a billionaire power couple (her husband is Snapchat creator Evan Spiegel). But none of this means she’ll let her kids coast through life — especially not in a vehicle they didn’t pay for.

Miranda Kerr
Credit: In a Valentino cape and dress. Charlotte Chesnais earrings. Ring, her own. Photo: Alexander Saladrigas/Cerutti and Co.

“I told Flynn that if he wants a car, he needs to start saving now,” Kerr says, explaining why her 8-year-old son (with her ex-husband, actor Orlando Bloom) was interested in setting up a lemonade stand. “He needs to learn the importance of working for himself because I had to do that.”

Miranda Kerr
Credit: In Miu Miu top and briefs. Sophie Buhai earrings, ring, and bracelet. Wolford tights. Jimmy Choo booties. Photo: Alexander Saladrigas/Cerutti and Co.

Hustling comes naturally to Kerr. As the founder and face of the green-beauty line Kora Organics, she has spent more than a decade transforming the company from a small passion project to a leading wellness brand carried in 2,500 stores across 25 countries. She helps develop the products, writes all the copy for its packaging, and shoots every campaign that she’s not starring in.

“And even then I art-direct the whole thing because I’m so specific,” she says. “I’ll be like, ‘Stand here, do this,’ set the shot up, and step in.”

Miranda Kerr
Credit: In Dolce & Gabbana dress. Altuzarra earrings. Delfina Delettrez rings. Photo: Alexander Saladrigas/Cerutti and Co.

Not all aspects of Kerr’s career have been so meticulously planned. She fell into fashion by accident at age 13 when she won a teen-magazine-sponsored modeling competition a friend signed them both up for. Over the next several years she took whatever gigs she could secure without interrupting her school schedule; by the time graduation rolled around, the Aussie beauty found herself well-positioned to start booking jobs internationally and eventually landed lucrative contracts with companies like Maybelline and Victoria’s Secret.

Then came the casual conversation that changed her life. “I was talking to a friend in 2006 about how cool it would be to find a certified-organic skin-care range or even to create one,” Kerr recalls. “She said, ‘I know this organic chemist in Melbourne. Why don’t you talk to her?’ Things just steamrolled from there.” Well, sort of. It took three more years and endless prototypes to officially launch Kora, in part because Kerr was determined to meet Ecocert’s Cosmos standards, a strict set of eco-focused regulations on production and ingredients.

Miranda Kerr
Credit: In Salvatore Ferragamo jacket and trousers. Agmes earrings. Sophie Buhai necklace. Photo: Alexander Saladrigas/Cerutti and Co.

“A lot of products out there claim to be all-natural but have only one organic ingredient,” she says. “I didn’t want any of that greenwashing BS! It takes a lot of effort and money to get certified, but I thought, ‘If this is something I want for myself, why wouldn’t I offer it to everyone else?’ ”

Growing up in the countryside of Gunnedah, Australia, Kerr learned the importance of eating organic produce from her grandfather; meanwhile, her grandmother taught her the myriad uses — soothing sunburns, combating acne — of the super-fruit noni, a key component in many Kora formulas.

Miranda Kerr
Credit: In Max Mara top and trousers. Jennifer Fisher earrings. Gaspar gloves. B-Low the Belt belt. Photo: Alexander Saladrigas/Cerutti and Co.

Now Kerr is carrying on the tradition with her own family. Spiegel has become an avid user of her Noni Glow face oil and turmeric mask, Flynn shops the local farmers market near their home in L.A., and 11-month-old Hart (her son with husband Evan) — well, he’s not quite ready for pore rehab and green juice just yet. He is, however, already acquainted with Dad’s social-media app.

“We decided as a couple to keep him private for as long as possible,” Kerr explains. “The only way we send photos of him to relatives on the other side of the world is through Snapchat because it’s such a safe way to communicate.”

Something else she loves about Snapchat? “The filters are so much fun — the heart eyes are my favorite,” she says, laughing. “The best part is you don’t have to wear any makeup because the lens does all the work for you.”