This Is the Supermodel Way to Minimize Cellulite and Ingrown Hairs

Cindy Crawford and Miranda Kerr have sworn by the technique for a decade.

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Miranda Kerr Body Massager
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It is one of the great disappointments of our time, IMO, that the world won't be seeing a Lizzie McGuire reboot. Pour one out, if only because with no reboot, there's no chance of us seeing a montage of adult Lizzie finding the perfect outfit set to Taylor Dayne's "Supermodel" — truly, a loss for the ages. Fortunately, to blunt the sorrow this week real-life supermodels are playing fast and loose with their beauty secrets, and Miranda Kerr just revealed one as life-changing as any great outfit: the trick that's been her skin-glowing secret for the last 10 years.

In an interview with People this week to promote Kora Organics' new Turmeric Glow Moisturizer, the skincare CEO — arguably a CEO of glow — told the outlet that she's devoted to one skincare trick. "I love dry body brushing and have been doing this for over 10 years! I try to make it a priority every morning before I shower," Kerr said of her handheld Revive Body Brush from Aromatherapy Associates. "It's a great way to get your circulation going, remove dead skin cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage. I also find it really energizing!"

If you're not familiar with dry brushing, the practice is just what it sounds like: You hop in the shower and before turning the water on, run a firm-bristled brush over your skin to thoroughly exfoliate. New York City dermatologist Rachel Nazarian previously told InStyle that on top of the energizing effect, it can downplay the look of cellulite and allow your skin care products to absorb better, and celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville added that the routine helps firm and exfoliate the skin — which might be why Cindy Crawford is also a fan.

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The ideal brush has plant-based bristles, per Nazarian, and while dry brushing shouldn't hurt, Somerville said you want enough pressure to boost circulation. Kerr's Aromatherapy Associates pick perfectly fits the bill, as an Amazon hidden gem that's won five stars from 74 percent of the shoppers who've rated it. "I feel like a whole new person stepping out of the shower after using this body brush," one shopper writes. "It scrubs away all my dead skin and leaves me feeling silky and smooth."

Another says that they were stunned by how effectively the brush whisked away dry and dead skin. "I used the brush from foot to shoulder, then showered and was amazed at what a different feel it was when I soaped my skin," they write. "Completely smooth, and some bumps I have on my thighs and upper arms were already disappearing." They conclude with a recommendation to stay in the shower while dry brushing, or risk "skin dust" everywhere (cue the iconic "gross, but intriguing" meme).

Another person says that despite not believing the initial hype, after using the brush the difference is "wow"-inducing; others say it helped the appearance of their cellulite "disappear," and a last says that their skin has never felt so soft. There are other copycats on Amazon, but the same person says Aromatherapy Associates' is "the only one of quality" — and as an added bonus, multiple people say it does away with ingrown hairs all over. Let shot girl summer commence.

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