6 Mint Fragrances That Don't Smell Like Toothpaste

mint fragrances assortment artfully arranged with mint leaves
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Is it just us, or is mint a highly underrated fragrance note?

Especially on a warm day, the herbal element gives off a refreshing, clean aroma, and is especially unique when balanced against deeper notes. Similar to the way a stick of Winterfresh gives your mouth an instant cooling feeling, one spritz can feel strong enough to combat summer's rising temps. Here, we rounded up 6 completely unique mint scents that don't veer into the eau d'Listerine category.

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0.2 Fragrance

A bottle of 0.2 Fragrance

What does true love smell like? According to 0.2 fragrances, it's heavy on the spearmint and bergamot, with hints of amber and vanilla. The unisex scent is meant to mimic that rush of energy associated with love at first sight—the jury is still out on whether or not that actually exists, but the unique aroma is pretty easy for us to get passionate over.

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Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint

A bottle of Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint

Bright florals like jasmine and lily get an extra fresh twist with wild mint in the top notes.

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Mentha by Fiele Fragrances

A bottle of Mentha by Fiele Fragrances

It's sweet, spicy, and refreshing all at the same time—at first whiff, spearmint is the first note that catches your attention, while sweeter elements like honeyed florals and cinnamon come through as the fragrance warms up with your skin.

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Lush Dirty Perfume

A bottle of Lush Dirty Perfume

How can a fragrance named "Dirty" smell so clean? The blend of sandalwood, oakmoss, and lavender are gritty enough to give the lighter spearmint and thyme a slight earthy aroma without being overpowering.

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Coyote Mint by Saguara Perfumes

A bottle of Coyote Mint by Saguara Perfumes

The refreshing mint in this herbal scent comes with an extra side of good vibes—the smoky palo santo note is actually a wood used in rituals meant to protect against negative energy.

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