The Fly That Landed on Mike Pence's Head Now Has Its Own Nail Art

A single insect has inspired the nation.

At last night's vice presidential debate, an unlikely hero emerged.

Landing right in the nick of time, they stood their ground for nearly two minutes as current VP Mike Pence denied systemic racism in America. Then, as all true superheroes do, they flew off into the brisk Utah air, perhaps never to be seen again. But that person, ladies and gentleman, was actually not a person at all.

It was a fly. A fly that has created a new precedent for all flykind.

While not all heroes wear capes (but some do have wings!), heroes deserve to have their own nail art, at the very least. And that's exactly what the fly got.

Celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri — a fave of Bella Hadid — did the honors last night, and may have actually predicted the incident; seeing as she created the design a whole two hours before the fly touched down on Pence's frosty white strands.

"Who wore it best?," she brilliantly wrote as her caption. "(I did this nails 2H before fly happening) #foretoldtheprophecy."

Naturally, a sea of tears of joy emojies subsequently flooded her comments.

Whether or not Kawajiri is actually psychic is still up for debate. But as far as last night's events go, the fly that captivated a nation was the clear star — and there's no debating that.

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