Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since Michelle Phan, one of the OG beauty vloggers, has posted a video to YouTube. Although Phan reveiled the revamp of her cosmetics line EM Cosmetics earlier this spring, it looks like the vlogger who's known as one of the pioneers of makeup tutorials and product vlogs might be back for good.

In the video titled "Why I Left" Phan chronicles the beginning of her career from her very first YouTube video to her first business deals which included the launch of her beauty-subscription service "Ipsy" and her collection with L’Oréal, "Em." Mostly though, the clip focuses on why Phan felt she needed to take a social media detox despite her beauty guru status.

"I became imprisoned by my own vanity and was never satisfied by how I looked," she says in the video. "The life I led online was picture-perfect but in reality, I was carefully curating an image of a life I wanted, not had." Phan is just as open honest throughout the entire video and further reiterates the fact that what you see on social media isn't always reality.

The video (which Phan illustrated herself!) has quickly gone viral since Phan uploaded it to YouTube with 7 million views and counting.

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There's no doubts that all of her future projects are going to reflect the filter she's removed from her offline life. "I know not everyone has the money to buy time, but I did, and I can share what I learned,” she wrote in the caption of the video. “Don't just look beautiful. Feel beautiful.”