By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Aug 31, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

Damn, baby. Did it hurt when the planet's gravity pulled you into its stratosphere, as you burned up, crash-landed on the surface, and turned into a meteorite? Because you are out of this world.

Similar sentiments could be said about Aussie beauty brand Blaq's latest launch, which is quite possibly cooler than any other product already in our shower. The new Meteor Shower body scrub—aside from serving up a sick double entendre—leaves your skin smooth to the touch, with the craziest cosmic shimmer. It's one of the more notable body scrubs we've tried recently, based around the fact that the ingredient list contains actual meteorites.

You know, those gigantic rocks floating around in space, that will occasionally sail through the atmosphere and make contact with the Earth's surface, sometimes to disastrous results (see: the dinosaurs). It walks the line between fascinating and excessive, and you get the glory of saying you shower with actual space dust if you shell out $25. Maybe it's pricier than the body scrubs you already have, but it's certainly cheaper than a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight.

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Better yet, the scrub is infused with an insane amount of shimmer, which may be hard to see in the inky black pouch, but the starry traces linger on your skin until your next shower. Simply work the black scrub into damp skin (and feel a little like a badass demon while you do) until the noir formula thins out, rinse it off, then once you're done showering, pat your skin with a towel to avoid displacing the sparkle.

Someone @ Neil Degrasse Tyson on Twitter now. We have a feeling he'd be into this. Or, he'd be horrified—we're not entirely sure yet.

Pick up a pack for $25 at now.