#MermaidThighs Is the Latest Body Positive Trend Taking Over the Internet

Mermaid Thighs
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We know what you're thinking—another day, another hashtag. But before you roll your eyes, give this week's viral #MermaidThighs a chance. You likely remember the #thighgap craze of yesteryear, you know the one in which women showcased the space between their thighs on social media. It received a lot of flack for encouraging a negative body image and an unattainable goal for those of us whose thighs don't meet the "standards." Now, in 2016, we're celebrating "mermaid thighs," which includes everyone whose upper legs meet...and the majority of social media appears to be on board, championing the body positive concept with posts in celebration of their bodies.

I'll happily support any movement that promotes body confidence, and as the proud owner of a set of mermaid thighs, I'm on board with this one. But it's important to remember that all bodies are beautiful, no matter size or shape. So stand tall, ladies. We all need to embrace what we've got because we're all worthy of a positive body image.

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