By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated May 12, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Credit: Art By Elysia Berman

Not too long ago, I wrote about my first foray into natural deodorant. And anyone who’s ever worn a deodorant that doesn’t perform knows that switching up your routine in this department can be a very scary (smelly?) thing.

Well, I’m happy to report, for the sake of my personal self-confidence and those that sit around me in the office, it worked. And ever since then, I’ve been more than eager at testing out other natural formulas (though, make note, I still use traditional sticks as well).

So the timing of Meow Meow Tweet’s new stick version of their famous deo ($10; was kismet.

I opted into the lavender and bergamot-scented version, a note compilation that I wouldn’t mind smelling like.

The packaging is what initially drew me in— the product kind of looks like a Push Pop. You just press up on the bottom, the solid deodorant comes to the surface, and you’re able to apply it to your underarms.

The coolest thing about the packaging, though, is that it’s completely biodegradable and will actually compost within in a year. #Impressed.

The formula is made with plant and mineral powders, as well as essential oils. And we’ll be clear: It’s not an anti-perspiriant, so it won’t prevent sweating, just the odor that often results from it.

So did it work? Let’s face it — I know that’s what you’re all waiting to hear.

Yes, actually. TBH, I forgot that I had even put it on or opted for a natural product in general, and to me, that’s a sign that it did the job.

The lavender was definitely present at first, but throughout the day, I didn’t really smell anything when I moved my arms, readjusted my bag that feels like it weighs 343 lbs., or gave my BFF a hug. Now that I think about it, the hug would have been awkward if my deo wasn’t working.

The new product is also available in Lemon Eucalyptus, which sounds like a delight to me, and launches today.

Now, I have to run… but I definitely don’t need to reapply.