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Boob Sweat
Credit: jacoblund/Getty

If we had a dollar for every time the summer heat caused us to completely sweat through our bra and shirt, we'd have enough money to buy a whole new wardrobe, and possibly dry-clean the existing one.

Summer is in full-swing, and with the temperature only continuing to rise (thanks, climate change!), the issue of boob sweat becomes more and more apparent. Sweat-stained bras of the sports, t-shirt, or push-up variety hang from every doorknob in our apartment, and there isn't a day that goes by where we don't feel the need to duck into the office bathroom and towel off.

Enter bodycare brand Megababe with their new Bust Dust, which promises to end the ever-pressing issue of boob sweat to an end.

This sweat-absorbing powder is the brainchild of fashion blogger turned beauty entrepreneur Katie Sturino, who launched the Megababe brand with an anti-chafing that practically changed our own lives.

Similar to the brand's inaugural product, the Bust Dust fuses skin-friendly elements with effective components proven to keep sweat at bay. The lavender, aloe, and chamomile used in the formula are soothing on contact, while a mix of all-natural ingredients ward off bacteria. In lieu of talc, which is filled with parabens and frankly kind of scares us, the Bust Dust is enlisting the absorbent qualities of corn starch to keep you dry. Simply apply a pump to each of the girls before dressing, or spray the powder directly into your bra—whatever floats your boat, sister.

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Intrigued? Head over to megababebeauty.com and score a bottle for $16. The Bust Dust was such a hit, it sold out within a week of its initial launch, but new installments of the product are scheduled to ship on September 6. Because of global warming and all that, we expect it'll get regular use throughout the year both in and out of your workout classes.