This $15 Lotion Makes a "Drastic Improvement" In Crepey Skin and Wrinkles, According to 60-Year-Old Shoppers

“My skin is so soft after two days. The wrinkles in my face are nearly gone.”

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This $15 Lotion Makes a “Drastic Improvement” In Crepey Skin and Wrinkles, According to 60-Year-Old Shoppers
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As a shopping editor, some of the best product recommendations come from my colleagues (scrolling through our feed of recently published stories is a dangerous game for my bank account). And while chatting with a colleague from a different magazine, she mentioned their readers can't get enough of Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream With Ferulic Acid. My interest was immediately piqued; I had to know more.

Many minutes spent reading reviews later, I was convinced this unassuming bottle of lotion is one of Amazon's best-kept secrets. It's earned almost 7,000 five-star ratings from shoppers, with a significant number from people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s — all of whom testify the $15 formula provides "overnight results" for smoothing crepey skin and wrinkles.

"My skin is so soft after two days," wrote a 62-year-old. "The wrinkles in my face are nearly gone," they added, and the lifting effect on their eyelids and neck is so intense, they no longer want surgery for their droopy lids. Another 63-year-old said the cream made a "drastic improvement" in their skin texture, and a 71-year-old confirmed the "miraculous" effect within three days is "truly unbelievable."

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Myriad users said the cream beats Crépe Erase's $79 formula thanks to the former's combination of age-lifting retinol, antioxidant-laden ferulic acid, fruit and flower extracts, and a bevy of heavy-duty moisturizers. Shea butter, glycerin, aloe, and vitamin E serve up hydration, and synthetic beeswax means the suppleness sticks around. The only negative is lilial, also known as butylphenyl methylpropional; while the brand doesn't list it in the cream's ingredients on Amazon, it's on the bottle. If the ingredient's potential reproductive toxicity is a concern for you, opt for this clean, dermatologist-loved lotion instead.

That aside, people are highly impressed by the $15, made-in-Chicago hit. As one customer titled their review, it turned them into a "hot grandma," and left them feeling much more confident about wearing sleeveless shirts and sundresses. Drooping skin all over another person's body tightened with repeated use over the course of a month, leaving them incredulous that the cream doesn't cost $200.

"After only three uses, I can already see the crepey skin on my upper arms filling out and my sagging jawline has lifted significantly," said a last fan. "My face looks ten years younger." If you're interested, order a bottle of the cruelty-free lotion for $15.

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