Bonus: This treatment also keeps mascara from getting clumpy.

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Eyelash Mask Maybelline
Credit: Erica Genece

"Will eyelash extensions make my eyelashes fall out?" is a question we've all asked ourselves before taking the plunge.

Whether eyelash extensions are worth or not it is one of the most common beauty questions my friend group chats and co-workers ask me.

Since mascara only lasts until the next time you wash your face (which, my dear reader I hope is every single day), I get why the concept of semi-permanent long, fully, fluffy lashes is intriguing.

So, here's the deal: While eyelash extensions will save you time from not having to put on mascara for a few weeks and can be more comfortable than wearing a set of glue-on or magnetic false lashes, the aftermath can be messy.

As the extensions fall out, you might lose some natural lashes, too. And it's also possible for your natural lashes to break or feel dry and brittle.

However, if you currently have eyelash extensions or you're considering getting them once salons are open again, don't freak out. On top of being extra gentle when you wash your face and avoiding rubbing your eyes, I've found a drugstore solution to help your natural lashes recover from all of the post-lash extension drama.

Enter a conditioning eyelash mask. Yep, it's like a face mask for your lashes.

Maybelline's The Falsies Lash Mask is a conditioning treatment that you apply on your lashes before bed and leave on overnight up to three times a week. Formulated with nourishing argan oil and shea butter to strengthen lashes and boost shine, the treatment also helps the hairs stay smooth so that mascara doesn't go on clumpy. And while it has a lovely lavender tint, it doesn't stain your eyelids or under eyes.

Mayelline The Falsies Lash Mask Eyelash Conditioner

To buy: $10;

I'll admit I was skeptical about incorporating the mask as an extra step into my nighttime routine. However, it really only took two seconds to swipe it onto my lashes with the curved doe foot applicator, and the serum-like texture doesn't feel heavy or sticky.

Even though I don't have on eyelash extensions right now, my natural lashes do look healthier after using it a couple of times. The biggest benefit is that my mascara — the only makeup product I've been wearing during this social distancing period — isn't dry and flaky mid-day.

The bottom line: If you were planning on getting lash extensions as soon as your technician is in the clear to work again, I say go for it. Just be prepared for the post-lash extension recovery by picking up this lash mask first.