This Long-Lasting Drugstore Brow Tint Is a 'Miracle' for Sparse Eyebrows, and Has Over 17,000 Five-Star Ratings

This 'Miracle' Brow Tint Is the Secret to Waking Up With Perfect Brows

Shoppers say they’re tossing their pencils and ordering three tubes.
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Beauty products that make your life easier in the long run are some of the best inventions the industry's ever created. Why sign up for a lifetime commitment, when you could simply… not? Take a dry shampoo that makes your hair grow, or a mascara that conditions your lashes so much, you can eventually part with it altogether. Or, in the case of Maybelline's Brow Tattoo, an eyebrow tint that shoppers say keeps their brows looking incredible for days at a time.  

The Brow Tattoo follows in the footsteps of the K-beauty peel-off brow tints that were trending a few years ago, but according to shoppers, the Maybelline version is even more user-friendly than that or another popular option, beard dye. It's so revolutionary, reviewers suggest people toss their beloved brow pencils and migrate to the tint for a whole new world, where getting thick brows is as easy as a once-weekly session.

According to shoppers, applying it is a quick routine where you coat your brows with the tint in the shape you want, leave it to dry for 20 minutes (or overnight, if you want the effect to last even longer), and peel it off to reveal brows that look gorgeously full and arched. The tint lasts for a minimum of three days, though reviewers say being careful with oily products keeps the color intact longer, and some note it lasts for 9 days

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Those without much brow hair to work with say they wish they'd found it eons ago, after trying hundreds of products with only disappointment to show for it. Now that they've found Maybelline's tint, shoppers write that the relief of not having to fill in their brows every morning is enormous. Even skeptics are now believers, since unlike most brow fillers, the "miracle find" doesn't require pre-existing hair to blend with and covers grays and bald spots. It even lasted through a trip to a water park, one shopper writes, restoring the confidence that disappeared with their brows.  

"Once you get it down, it's like getting part of your life back," one happy shopper writes, while another says the light, medium, and dark brown shades look so realistic, it's the best purchase they've made in a long time. People who've lost their brows to chemotherapy and hypothyroidism say it's changed their lives, and they're thrilled to no longer have to draw on their brows every day to unreliable results. Likewise, someone who "destroyed" their brows in the '90s writes that the tint is a reprieve from sketching in their arches every day, rendering their former 15-minute brow routine unnecessary. 

Tons of shoppers agree that they only wish they'd known about it sooner, and it's so good, some are cancelling their annual microblading appointment. The tint is painless and way less expensive, and the shape and color don't budge through showering and sweat. With it in hand, shoppers' only question is where it's been all their lives — and with two more tubes of it on the way, why they'd ever go without it again. 

"I am literally obsessed with this product. It goes on so perfectly, I don't even need to do anything to get perfect brows," one shopper writes. Another testifies, "This product is a life-changer. I can have brows again and don't have to worry about them 'wiping off.' Highly recommend!"