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Maude Vibe - Tout
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If you’re in the market for an update to your dusty old vibrator, or perhaps you’re finally taking the plunge and investing in your first, one brand’s model is causing a bit of a buzz. (Sorry.)

Sex tech startup Maude shook the vibrator world with its personal massager, simply called ‘Vibe,’ which sold over 1,000 units in just 48 hours. This discrete, sculptural silicone toy took off in a big way after being pronounced “Best New Vibrator” by The Strategist back in 2018.

Vibe, which emerged as part of a wave of design-y, almost cute-looking products that set out to disrupt the sex toy industry, looks nothing like what you’d expect a vibrator to look like. Petite and carrot-like in shape, the gray, round-edged device veers closer to an art object than something that lives in a bedroom drawer.

Vibe’s simplicity is also its strength. Three speeds and a 2.5-hour max run time have led over 100 people to give this vibrator five stars.

“I bought this as a self-love purchase and it has been wonderful,” writes on reviewer. “It got me there in under 5 minutes on the lowest setting. I love the simplicity and minimalism, and it’s so ergonomic that my boyfriend likes it too. I can’t wait to see what Maude comes up with next!”

Aside from its performance, shoppers love Vibe for its accessible price point. At just $45, Maude is working to keep sex tech affordable. On the whole, Maude keeps its product selection tight. Aside from Vibe, it offers Burn (a massage candle), Shine (a personal lubricant), and Rise (its line of proprietary condoms).

Shop the vibrator that sold 1,000 units in just 48 hours at Maude.com.