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Maybelline Mascara

As much as I appreciate waterproof, long-wear mascara when I'm PMSing, when the subway feels like a sauna from hell, or when life just feels so damn hard, in reality, I never really need it to last a full 24-hours without a smudge or a smear. In fact, one of my beauty pet peeves is mascara that is too difficult to remove. I don't want to abrasively scrub off all of my eyelashes with a cotton pad and a cleanser in order to go to bed free of makeup.

You might say the answer is simply investing in a better oil cleanser or a remover specifically made for waterproof eye makeup, but Maybelline has another solution: a mascara that's specifically designed to be removed in a snap.

Appropriately dubbed "Snapscara," the wax-free formula makes an impact with volume, pigment, and serious eye-opening length, but also glides off your eyelashes with little to no effort come cleansing time.

In the past, even when I thought I had removed all traces of my mascara, I'd still wake up in the morning with residue under my eyes. (And tbh, that leftover mascara residue really makes dark under-eye circles look ten times worse). Since using this mascara, I've never once woke up with gross flakes or smudges under my eyes. After a solid eight hours of sleep, I actually look as well-rested as I feel.

Application is just as easy, too. I apply like 15 brush swipes to each eye, and with this mascara, you can build as much volume as you want without your lashes clumping together. Perhaps the best part: for someone looking for a budget mascara, this one only rings up to $6, which is an undeniable deal for a product that actually works.

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I'll still keep those waterproof winners around for that one week a month when I cry over everything, but for the other three? Snapscara is my select.

Who knew taking off makeup could spark so much joy?