How to Achieve Mark Zuckerberg's Signature Haircut

Perfect for testifying before Congress! 

Mark Zuckerberg Hair
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg may be known for creating Facebook, but we think he also deserves some credit for his devotion to micro bangs.

The severe haircut has been a mainstay of the tech entrepreneur's look for years. His cut first went viral in 2018 when he testified before Congress in April of that year. And according to one Congresswoman present for his six-hour hearing this past Wednesday, it has also inspired the next generation.

"Mr. Zuckerberg, I know Facebook can be sometimes an unkind place, both toward my personal appearance and today apparently towards your haircut," California Representative Katie Porter said. "But as the mother of a teenage boy I just want to say thanks for modeling the short cut." How touching!

To find out more about the styling (and decision making) behind a crop such as this, InStyle spoke with New York City-based hairstylist Topher Gross — who does not cut Zuckerberg's hair — to get the full breakdown. Whether you want to put a spin on your micro bangs, or are testifying before Congress sometime soon and want to look your best for the cameras, you too can get the look.

Mark Zuckerberg Hair
NurPhoto/Getty Images

According to Gross, this cut is pretty simple to achieve. He says stylists could use either scissors or a straight razor to create the shape. But he would make a few changes to how Zuckerberg wore it in D.C. "I would texture out the top so it’s not so heavy and clean up the edges to make it a little neater looking," he explains.

As for styling, Gross would opt to keep things simple by sticking to products like Night.Rider Texture Paste or Un.Dressed Fibre Paste, both from Kevin Murphy, to give the "bangs" a bit of lift. The expert shares that this can help the cut "look less like a dated Caesar style."

There you have it. A simple, two-step style that will have you ready for your next House hearing in no time.

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