Marisa Tomei's Secret Weapon for Gray Hairs Is Actually Genius, According to Shoppers

Per reviewers, it makes “grays be gone.”

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Marisa Tomei Uses This Cover-Up Stick on Her Grays — and Shoppers Call It the "Hands Down Best"
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Ever since 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming, chuckle-worthy jokes and memes about Aunt May's mysteriously declining age have floated around the Internet. Even the Wall Street Journal took note of the phenomenon when Marisa Tomei first stepped into the role — but as the actress recently revealed to Vogue, she gets some help for her thick, dark hairline.

"I have a little thing for my grays, which is fine, at the ripe old age of 57," Tomei said, brandishing Style Edit's Root Cover Up Stick and dotting it along her part and hairline. Tomei has been in the spotlight since 1984, so she definitely knows what works in her beauty routine — Cle de Peau concealer and Lancôme mascara comprise the rest of her makeup, so the root cover up is in good company (Side note: As someone with big curls, I am counting the days until TikTok makes Tomei's My Cousin Vinny style return).

Style Edit may not have the same name recognition as Cle de Peau and Lancôme, but Amazon shoppers enthusiastically report how well the root touch-up stick works. "I've been searching for years to find the right product to cover the white hairs that crop up along my hairline," wrote one curly-haired reviewer of the "hands-down best" buy. "This one goes on very easily, covers completely, and barely rubs off at all."

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It even holds up through the night, they continued, just slightly smudging where other root tinting products completely stain their hair scarves. Another commenter seconded the finding, adding that the product never shows up on their pillow; they can even work out without it running, and the color stays on until their next shower. The combination garners the stick praise like "affordable and effective" and "the best product I've found to cover up my [gray] roots."

You can find root cover ups in a range of forms these days, but where Kelly Ripa remains devoted to her Magic Root Cover Up Concealer Spray, one Amazon shopper said the Style Edit stick is even better than a spray, since it's "absolutely perfect" for targeting tight spots around their ears and hairline (and it doesn't get your hands messy in the process). The effect subtly extends hair color for an impressive amount of time — letting some customers even stretch 10 weeks between salon appointments, covering up otherwise "obvious" grays.

"This does not look fake, greasy, or unnatural. It's just perfect, and I'm so glad I found it," wrote a fan. "A big plus for me: It's small, and so easy to pack in my luggage." Given COVID-19, travel might not be in the cards right now. But if that includes trips to your colorist, Tomei's trick could be right up your alley; in the words of a last shopper, it makes "grays be gone!" Get it for $34 on Amazon.

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