The Blemish-Blasting Treatment So Many Shoppers Swear by Just Launched a Pimple Patch

Mario Badescu's New Pimple Patches Are "Better Than the Drying Lotion," According to Reviewers

Wake up to a clear complexion.

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Pimples somehow always seem to show up at the most inconvenient times and in the most inconvenient places. Be it before a first date or an important presentation, you can count on a big, juicy blemish appearing smack dab in the center of your face — it's almost like your skin intentionally does you dirty when stress levels are high. To keep a crater-size bump from killing your big-day confidence, stray from superficial concealers and cover-ups, and instead, correct your spot straight at the source with a pimple patch.

Mario Badescu's new Drying Patches are fast-acting, single-use adhesives that zap away zits overnight, according to reviewers. One even says they "wake up with clearer skin." As the name suggests, they quickly flatten and dry up pesky imperfections, minimizing their protruding appearance and putting you on a clear path to perfect skin.

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Their formula takes an active approach to both treating and preventing breakouts with superstar acne-fighting ingredients like niacinamide for repairing skin, salicylic acid for drawing out impurities, and tea tree oil for reducing inflammation. But unlike competing hydrocolloid patches, they also contain anti-aging skin-soothers like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. The result of this potent yet gentle combo is a quick-healing solution customers claim is now their "go-to for blemishes."

"I had a massive (and painful) beneath-the-surface pimple that decided to 'appear' two days before a wedding," wrote a five-star reviewer. "Already a Mario Badescu convert, I decided to try these new drying patches. Very happy to report they did the trick! I washed my face like normal (mid-afternoon) and applied the small translucent disc. I was pleasantly surprised that it blended seamlessly into my skin and was almost undetectable... By bedtime, my skin protrusion was noticeably reduced. I kept the same patch on overnight, and by morning, the painful mound was gone."

Mario Badescu is already a veteran in the battle against surface blemishes. Its fan-favorite Drying Lotion is beloved by more than 18,000 Amazon shoppers who've given the liquid treatment a five-star rating. It, too, offers speedy spot-shrinking capabilities, though the formula is almost completely different from the brand's new pimple patches (aside from salicylic acid as a key ingredient). One shopper even claims the pimple patches are "better than the Drying Lotion." But the biggest difference of all is the lotion's distinct opacity once dry. Visible white splotches make it a no-go for out-of-the-house wear, while the Drying Patches apply and adhere completely clear.

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Though the brand doesn't recommend layering topical products like moisturizer or makeup over the patches, it does suggest using them in conjunction with the lotion for full acne-fighting power. Use the Drying Patches by day and the Drying Lotion by night to wake up to smooth, blemish-free skin.

Shop the new Mario Badescu Drying Patches for just $17 on Amazon now to blast away blemishes before your next big day.

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