The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Marc Jacobs Velvet Lash Primer, despite the $26 price tag. 

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Feb 28, 2019 @ 1:15 pm
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Marc Jacobs Lash Primer
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I almost always think all primers are a waste of my time, but because I'm hyper-aware of the health and appearance of my eyelashes and hate mascara clumps and flakes more than rush-hour traffic and broken nails, I will actually give eyelash primers the time of day.

Ironically, and more often than not, they don't share the love back: Most of the lash primers that I've tried don't really do... anything at all. But when Marc Jacobs Beauty's take on eyelash primer — the Velvet Epic Lash Primer — landed on my desk earlier this week, I surprisingly had high hopes.

It's the counterpart to the brand's Velvet Noir Mascara, a cult-favorite here at the InStyle office, and a mascara I reach for more than any other, so I was excited to give it a shot.

The primer was designed to make the brand's volumizing and lengthening mascara work even better, which I didn't honestly think was possible because it's that wonderful. It helps your mascara adhere to your lashes better and extends the wear. An added bonus, it's also made with nourishing, conditioning agents, providing TLC to lashes that are often overworked and dehydrated due to constant makeup application and removal.

Unlike the inky black Velvet Noir Mascara, the Velvet Primer is actually beige. Yes, beige. When you apply the creamy formula, you look like you bleached your lashes. But that coloring, as jarring as it is at first, ends up being really helpful. It allows you to see where you haven't applied mascara, so you never miss a spot.

So were my high hopes met? Yes, and then some, which, in my opinion, totally justified the primer's pricey $26 price tag.

While I have a lot of lashes, they're very fair and short, so I need all the pigmentation and lengthening power I can get. After applying just the primer, I noticed that it gave my lashes a little stretch, as well as plumped up each little hair. That length and volume was only magnified when I followed up with the Velvet Noir Mascara, the primer's other half.

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I still think the Velvet Noir Mascara is game changing all on its own, but after seeing the results of the brand's new primer, I'm down to make this duo a part of my daily routine.

Sorry, Meghan and Harry, but I think I just found my new favorite power couple.