My Hair Has Never Looked Fuller Thanks to This $9 Styling Cream

If you have fine hair, too, consider this brand new product a must.

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Marc Anthony Plumping Hair Cream
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When it comes to my hair, I have one rule: all glam, all the time. Truth be told, I have longed for thick, voluminous hair for as long as I can remember. You see, I grew up in Texas, where the beauty parlor mantra was always 'The higher the hair, the closer to God.' Cute and quippy as it is, this Southern sentiment still rings true for me today and likely explains why big, bombshell hair scores points in my beauty book.

As I've gotten older, my naturally fine, long hair has sadly gotten thinner, and the pandemic stress sure hasn't helped. In addition to taking daily supplements, I even dabbled in the world of tape-in hair extensions, which are amazing at first; but my paranoia of prioritizing my hair health took over and I had them all removed during the holidays. Those first few days when you're sans extensions and back to your natural state are a bit jarring, and panic set in when I realized I had probably lost even more hair during the process.

In a state of utter desperation, I did some research and went through my stock of hair product samples (yes, a perk of the job) that I had not yet touched. I reached for the latest collection from Marc Anthony, a budget-friendly haircare brand that had recently sent me the Instantly Thick + Biotin Collection. This intriguing line with punchy packaging just launched in December (hence, no Amazon reviews just yet), and I was eager to give it a try.

styling cream

Shop now: $9;

A few weeks into testing these out, I can confidently say if you struggle with fine or thinning hair, add this product to your Amazon cart ASAP. I'm blown away by the magical mixture of ingredients (a yummy-smelling blend of biotin, phytokeratin, vitamin E, and sunflower oil) which plumps and perks my sad hair right up.

Here's what I do: After shampooing and conditioning, I smooth on a dollop of the Plump + Lift Styling Cream (the real MVP, if you ask me) from roots to tip, flip my head over, and blow dry like usual. My hair transforms from limp and lifeless to bodacious, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. I run my curling iron through my newfound voluminous hair, and suddenly I've got locks that could rival the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

This $9 miracle worker is worth its weight in gold, especially since my strands feel stronger, smoother, and less prone to breakage now. In addition to its powerhouse ingredients, it turns out, this genius styling cream is also packed with thickening polymers, which actually wrap around each strand for a fuller, denser look.

If you share my struggle, I'd buy this one in bulk. Try the styling cream now, and prepare to be amazed. You're welcome.

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