By Erin Lukas
Updated May 19, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
YSL Mascara - Lead
Credit: Instagram/@yslbeauty

How do I love jet-black mascara? Let me count the ways: a few swipes of my go-to tube instantly defines, lengthens lashes and instantly awakens my eyes—no matter how little sleep I may have had the night before. The only thing I’m more loyal to than black mascara is my morning coffee. No matter how flattering it could be, injecting a mascara of the colored variety into my routine was about as likely as switching to decaf—until now.

Enter Yves Saint Lauren Mascara Vinyl Couture ($29 each; Each of the nine technicolor shades is vibrant, shimmery, and beautiful in their tubes—and absolutely terrifying to black mascara loyalists until it hits your lashes. In addition to adding some serious color to your lashes, the formula gives volume, length, conditions, and leaves lashes with a glossy finish that doesn’t flake or get chalky by mid-day.

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A single coat of Blue covered my lashes with a wash of electric blue, that didn’t feel too bold for a colored mascara first-timer since the color goes on quite a bit darker than it appears in the tube unless you build it with multiple coats. A few bats of my blue lashes didn’t get me too many second glances, but the hint of tone-on-tone color was just enough to enhance my blue eyes.

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Golden Sparkle is exactly as advertised: its gilded, glittery, and my inner teen was dying to try it. One swipe completely covered my lashes in sparkles, but while my blue mascara test had me feeling adventurous, but I wasn’t prepared to do anything too crazy. Instead, I opted to layer a coat of Golden Sparkle over my trusty black mascara. The result: lashes fit for the glamour of a ‘70s disco, and not like you’ve raided your middle school Caboodle.

Decaf may not be the new coffee, but YSL’s Mascara Vinyl Couture is quickly becoming the new black with every wink.