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You probably thought you had your eyebrow anatomy down at the arch, but according to the beauty brand Glossier, there’s another key term we should be familiar with. They’re called "sprouts," and in a recent newsletter, the brand dubbed them as the "perky little hairs closest to your nose." You can see them in the photo of Lily Collins above.

We are obsessed with the brand's (sometimes impossible to get your hands on) Boy Brow ($16; glossier.com) for taming unruly arches, but we also started wondering if sprouts are the key to creating a natural-looking brow. Glossier recommends swiping these fine hairs up for a more organic effect. After all, they do look like little blades of grass popping out of the earth for the first time, and hair doesn't grow in at the same length.

"I think they look youthful and cute," says makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes of the sprouts term. "If you have them, rock them."

But if you don't and you envy those baby brow strands? Don't go pulling out the clippers. "If you don't, you can use a spiking hair gel on a spoolie and brush your brows up. Brushing brows up creates a fuller-looking brow, so don't be afraid to brush them up and leave them there," she says.

VIDEO: How to Use Tinted Brow Gel

But that's not the only way to get a natural-looking set of brows when using product. To avoid the Instagram look and keep them fresh, Hughes suggest avoiding auburn or red-hued brow products unless you have red hair. They can read unnatural on your skin if you aren't currently a redhead.

Her most surprising tip, though, has to do with how you hold the tool. She says you position your hand further down on the pencil so you're not creating harsh, heavily pigmented hair-like lines by pressing too firmly into the skin. This gives you a lighter grip... so less mistakes.

She also suggests brushing your brows up first to see where you actually need the faux hairs and to draw them in the same direction your hair naturally grows. Brow Gels That Will Make You Feel Put Together in Just One Swipe

Image zoom Lancôme Sourcils Styler Brow Styler

Lisa Eldridge co-created this brow gel with Lancôme, which pretty much says it all. They used her expertise to make an applicator that's super precise, no matter the shape of our brows or how thin they are. Not to mention, this selection is also formulated with rose extract to condition. The gel keeps your brows in place all damn day. Seriously, it doesn't move. Courtesy

Image zoom Too Cool For School Glam Rock Urban Brow

Consider this mascara for you brows. The tints are phenomenal and do a wonderful job at filling in gaps and volumizing your brows. Bonus points for the angled brush tip, which allows for precise definition. It's also sweatproof, which is nothing to be scoffed at when it's 85 degrees in October. Courtesy

Image zoom Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

This mousse is water-resistant and enhances your brows by smoothly and subtly filling in spare areas, but it's also going to hold down any unruliness like a gel would. BTW, these mousses also have an anti-aging treatment infused in them, so it treats the skin beneath your brows... casual. Courtesy

Image zoom Givenchy Mister Brow Filler Tinted Waterproof Brow Filler

If you have sparse brows, but want to fill them in while still looking natural, this is a great bet. This formulation is a silicone hybrid, it's waterproof and dries down to a powder finish. Oh, and it naturally gives your brows highlights. Courtesy

Image zoom Laura Mercier Brow Dimension

Be still my beating heart. I love this product. I typically will fill in with a powder pencil and then go in with this magical tube, brushing up my brows. What do I get? Believably thicker brows due to the fibers. Won't go without it, can't go without it. Courtesy 1 of 5 Advertisement

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