By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated Jun 21, 2016 @ 11:15 am

It doesn't matter where you are—vacation, the movie theater, at a Bachelorette viewing session, snuggling with BAE—that panicky moment where you can't remember whether or not you turned off your curling iron can strike at any time. And it eats at you until you either a) have someone check on it for you, b) go check yourself, or c) resolve to come home to a melted countertop. It's not great.

We're not saying the welcome mat's by Etsy seller Be There in Five, a Chicago-based artist named Kate, will help solve all your problems. However, her mats will certainly provide you a daily reminder to turn off your fire-hazard styling tools.

Adorable and effective, no? The seller has other adorable options, as well. These will remind you just how amazing you are:

The mats come in a couple different sizes, start at about $40 per item, and are all hand-painted. Guess it's time to give our bathrooms and front doors a mini makeover.