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Wanna make your makeup collection a little bit more, um, heroic? Wonder Woman makeup has officially hit the shelves of Walgreens stores around the country. The exclusive collectin — a colorful collaboration between Warner Bros, who produced Wonder Woman, and the drugstore — covers all the essentials, including eye shadow and eyeliner, lipstick and lip gloss, and nail polish. In addition to makeup, there's a weekender bag, some hair accessories, a five-piece makeup brush set, a clutch (complete with a Wonder Woman cape), and a compact clutch.

So you can really invest if comic books are your jam.

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The names are pretty catchy, too. One of our faves definitely has to be the Eye for Justice Liquid Eyeliner Set.

Right now the collection is only available in select stores, but you can also purchase some of the items at, as well as In true drugstore beauty fashion, prices start around $3 and top out at about $12. For example, the lipsick is $2.99, the three-piece lip gloss set is $6.99, and the weekender makeup bag is $11.99.

Not too shabby.