Meanwhile we're still trying to master flawless lipstick application...
Jiggly Puff - Makeup Lead
Credit: jordanhanz/instagram

We recently set our alarms an hour earlier after a few late days and close calls when it came to arriving to work at an appropriate hour. Seriously it's amazing how much time we can—and actually do— spend on Instagram just looking through minute long videos and tutorial photos. This morning we fell into an Instagram spiral when we came across vlogger Jordan Hanz's Instagram page where she's been documenting and sharing her amazing character transformations.

Jordan Hanz is a Cape Cod based makeup artist and you're about to be seriously obsessed with her Instagram. Going through her page there are more character transformations than we can count and they are so hyper-realistic that we may have confused her for the real thing once, twice, or ten times, if we're being completely honest. Jordan's transformations include Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn— and it legit looks like she was ripped right out of a comic book,—Donald Trump (too real,) and more Pokemon than you can count. And if simply admiring her work isn't enough for you, Jordan posts full tutorials of her looks on Youtube, including product breakdowns. What we're really saying is: no excuses on Halloween this year y'all.