Makeup sorcery at its finest.
Cara Delevingne Rimmel - Lead 2016
Credit: Courtesy Rimmel

We've seen dozens of pretty incredible beauty vlogger transformation videos in which talented ladies and gents morph themselves into celebs, superheroes, and other assorted iconic characters. These days you have to create something pretty spectacular and spot on to impress the social media masses and go viral, which is exactly what makeup artist Roberta Atrebor did when she transformed herself into the one and only Cara Delvingne.

RELATED: A Guide to Getting Gigi Hadid's Blowout, Straight From Her Stylist There's something about Delevingne's gorgeous face that seems almost complex, making Atrebor's commitment to perfecting her look all the more impressive. As you can see from the Instagram video, she looks nothing like the supermodel/actress IRL. But with the right amount of contouring, blending, and precise attention to detail, she totally pulls off Delevingne's look.

Atrebor even has her muse's signature goofy, cross-eyed faces down pat. Now that's dedication. Currently she's taking requests for her next celeb transformation, asking followers to choose between Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Paul Wellesley. We'll be waiting impatiently for the voter fallout and to see how she pulls off her next challenge.