By Erin Lukas
Updated Jan 25, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
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Catching your reflection in the bathroom mirror when you've been in bed for most of the month with the flu followed by a sinus infection is almost worse than someone at work telling you, "Wow, you look really sick."

Luckily, I've been able to avoid the soul-crushing feeling of both situations thanks to Urban Decay's new All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer ($29; When I'm sick, applying makeup is the last thing on my mind, but since I still have to function on a bare-minimum level to get through work every day, a concealer is the one product I reach for to help me look more alive, and hide the fact that I'm battling the plague.

As the sister product to the brand's cult-favorite All Nighter Liquid Foundation, this matte finish concealer is a high-pigment formula that offers up to 24 hours of protection against shine, uneven skin tone and texture, and oxidization.

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A mix of polymers and humectants are what keep the concealer in place with a smooth, even finish that doesn't look like you just caked on a thick layer of makeup. Even better: You don't have to apply a couple layers to get the coverage you want. With the All-Nighter Concealer, a little bit goes a long way.

Swiping its doe foot applicator under both my eyes, around my nose, and in the middle of my chin, and blending it out with a damp Beautyblender is more than enough to hide the under-eye circles, dark spots, and redness. Although this is a matte concealer, the finish is soft so that your skin just looks overall healthy—even if you're not.

The formula really does last all day, too. Under my harsh office bathroom lighting where I already feel vulnerable when I'm not sick, I was surprised that my concealer hadn't melted or budged. In fact, my skin looked good at all points during the day.

And yes, after blowing my nose too many times in a day, I can confirm that this concealer is actually waterproof and won't budge—seriously.