By Erin Lukas
Updated Mar 12, 2019 @ 11:30 am
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Too Faced Better Than Sex Eyeliner
Credit: Courtesy

A mascara that's better than sex? Yeah, Too Faced made a pretty lofty claim when it launched the salaciously-named mascara six years ago. The brand wasn't lying, though, and there's stats to back it up. Better Than Sex has become the best-selling prestige mascara in America, with one tube selling every 7.4 seconds.

Now, Too Faced is expanding the Better Than Sex family with another holy grail eye makeup product: the Better Than Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. The brand has formulated it to be the easiest liquid eyeliner you'll ever use.

Like the mascara, the liner comes in millennial pink packaging, and it has a non-fading ultra-black pigment that won't smudge, slide, or flake for up to 24 hours. As for applying it, the brush is flexible so that you can lay it along the lash line for a tight line. The ultra-fine felt tip makes it easy to precisely flick up and out at the edge of the eye, and fill it in — if you're going for a bolder look.

So, now, let's get into whether or not this eyeliner lives up to its name. Much like mascara, there's no such thing as liquid eyeliners that are just "meh." They're either very good or they're very, very, bad. I'm happy to report that Too Faced's eyeliner falls into the former category.

As someone who uses liquid eyeliner quite often, I think that Too Faced's Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner is great for liner experts, but it's also user-friendly for anyone who's a novice. The flexible brush made it really easy for me to draw a thin, defined line along my upper lash line without it dragging or slipping. Its ultra-fine tip makes things easier (for any skill level), too. I was able to flick the liner out to create a subtle wing, but if I wanted to do a graphic look, it would be perfect for drawing the outline of a shape and then filling it in.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Eyeliner
Credit: Courtesy

The liner's rich pigment also won me over. A ton of liquid eyeliners I've tried are never pigmented enough, so I often have to go over my lines a few times. With Too Faced's line, one coat was enough.

I've found a few favorite liquid eyeliners that I'll always swear by because I've tried so many duds throughout the years, but Too Faced's Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner has convinced me that there's room for one more.

As for when you can your hands on Too Faced's Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner, it will be available for $21 on March 17th at and Ulta, and April 5th at Sephora.