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Tom Ford Logan - LEAD
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Remember when Tom Ford made you the happiest girl in the world and made a Drake lipstick? A deep, vampy, shiny violet that sold out almost instantaneously and reminded you of your dream boy (and maybe T. Swift’s?) Drake? Well, the designer is at it again with a 25-piece addition to the Lips and Boys collection. And if there was literally any cure to getting over a breakup, I would say a ginormous lineup of lippies named after boys that don’t suck and will accessorize literally any outfit is probably it. But then again, that’s just me.

So what’s the newness with all the dudes (which of course references the lipsticks—come on, keep up)? Apart from 25 new names, the brand has released 10 matte finishes.

Now on to those names! Of the lot, you’ll find Logan, a creamy, eye-catching fuchsia which will enlighten any Gilmore Girls fan’s life. We’re not saying this shade is named after the dude that made jumping from a tower with a parasol in hand a sexy act, but it is convenient to the times. Snowdon is a light pearlized brown that will amp up any neutrals collection.

A video posted by TOM FORD (@tomford) on Nov 15, 2016 at 6:42am PST

Dylan is the prettiest crimson red you ever did see, while Ashton, part of the violet fam, is a subtle creamy berry. Of course, that’s not nearly it, but if we’d be here all day if we had to pick the qualities we loved most out of all Tom Ford’s lipstick miracles.

Each lipstick retails at $36, which is on the pricer side, but we can vouch that the color payoff is intense and they feel ultra-comfortable on your pout. Of course, if you don’t have to pay rent for a few months, you might think about indulging in the entire original 50-piece collection for a whopping $1,950. No, we’re not kidding.

In the meantime, I’ll be waltzing into cuffing season with Logan by my side. Here's What Lipstick You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Image zoom Aries

Our pro tells us that this sign can be described as bold and confident, as well as being a go-getter in business and in love. Well, well, well! Now I understand why those Aries boys always draw me in!

Apparently, when it comes to the makeup routine, Aries like it pretty streamlined. According to Rebecca, it's all about having two established looks. But if you had to choose one, you better bet it's that signature red. "To bring out your true colors in the boardroom or the bedroom, go for an unapologetic fierce shade of red (a creamy finish) with a defined line around the lip. This look conveys confidence and a fearless quality," she says. Try Dynamite Red from Maybelline's Loaded Bold collection. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Aquarius

Um, talk about traits that are totes amaze. Rebecca tells us that those with the Aquarius sign tend to be original, daring, and often hold a "streak of genius." Their go-to style? These peeps are apparently into new trends, but also love a little bling. "Dare to be different in your lip color and venture into the unusual blues, purples, and pinks."

Why not take it up a notch with this midnight blue from Hard Candy?

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Image zoom Cancer

Oh, I love (but sometimes hate) my sign. The emotions, the need to nurture! Though, my baby brother would probably tell me it's more nagging. So what lipstick works for all of us Cancers out there? Rebecca says this sign would want a nourishing balm or lipstick that will give their pout some TLC. "Your sign works best with soft shades of mauve and muted pinks that have a more classic feel and time-honored feel." I love, I love! I'll be reaching for Maybelline's Mauve It for that very reason. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Capricorn

While Rebecca says this sign can be described as elegant, professional, and goal-oriented, she also says those Capricorns have got the laughs. So basically, in my opinion, it's the total package. She says the ideal lipstick would relate to that profesh side, but will also show that, well, these peeps got wit and charm. "Pale to deeper nude shades will always work for you, though you could go for a deep brick red to show more of your bold side. The nudes can often look good with a gloss or matte, but choose matte when it comes to the brick reds," she says. We love this GenNudes pick from bareMinerals—it's the best of both worlds. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Scorpio

Basically, you'll be drawn to those with this sign. Rebecca calls 'em magnetic and intense! She also says they're solid at research and excel with their sense of strategy. Because of that, she says they are often drawn to dark, vampy hues in a matte finish or with a bit of gloss in the center. Try this gorgeous Black Cherry pick from Revlon, a hue that also happens to be one of my all-time favorites. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Gemini

Rebecca describes this sign as "versatile, spontaneous with an inquisitive approach to life." So you enjoy life, but aren't stuck in the status quo. Not bad, not bad. Our pro says you'll probs be drawn to fresh, young styles that will show off your curiosity. While she says that lip stains are a no-fail option, you should look for bright, popping hues. YSL makes a lip stain like no other, but when it comes to pink lipstick, we're loving this Laura Mercier formula. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Libra

Because you tend to be graceful and understanding of differing perspectives, Rebecca says you should try a typically feminine shade, like a rich berry or a rosy pink with a satin finish. You can't beat Jouer for rosy pink, but we're loving this rich berry hue from Oribe RN. It's too lovely for words. Sounds like someone you know, right? Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Sagittarius

"Adventurous, blue sky thinker, full of energy, and often athletic," voices Rebecca of this sign. My grandmother had this sign, and she was one of the most bubbly, cheerful people I've ever met, so this sounds about right. To show off your gorge personality, Rebecca suggests a bright pink or neon fuchsia with a satin or glossy finish—and trust us, this glossy pink from LOC is total perfection. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Pisces

Rebecca tells us those with this sign are often empathetic, creative, and total team players. What lipstick should a pisces throw in their bag, you ask? Well, she said the most important thing is the "feeling" of the lipstick, and it should probably be in a more natural hue. "Try a lip stain in shades of rose petal and raspberry. You can always layer a moisturizing lip softener to give more softness to your already supple lips," she notes.

Our suggestion? Go with Urban Decay's Vice Lipstick in Ravenswood. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Leo

This you've probably heard before. Leos are generally described as leaders (hence the association with the lion), but Rebecca says they also enjoy a bit of luxury. We're talking about lipstick here, so don't go down the rabbit hole of fine jewelry.

Anyways! When shopping for a new tube of lipstick, our pro explains that Leos will probably yearn for something that shows off their warm personality.

"Orange-Red shades for night, coral tones or peach work well for day. A sparkle of gold or shimmer within the lipstick will draw the right amount of attention," she explains.

In our opinion, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Lana is as good as gold. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Virgo

According to our pro, Virgos don't want to have to deal with a lipstick that's going to come off after one sip of water. Um, preach!

In fact, she describes this sign as crisply organized, feminine, and helpful. The shades a Virgo will be best suited with are all about being femme without being crazy over the top, so she suggests apricots and corals in matte hues. Shiseido's Rouge Lipstick in Coral Shore is a favorite of ours, and while it isn't 100 percent matte, it also isn't overly glossy. It's the perfect in-between. Courtesy; Getty

Image zoom Taurus

All you Taurus ladies, you're in luck. This is one of my all-time favorite lipsticks. Not because it's my name or anything...

Rebecca describes this sign as driven with a love for working in natural environments. Unsurprisingly, she says natural shades ring true for the ladies of the bull sign. "Everything from nudes to dusty rose and light pink will compliment your skin and style. A satin finish works best with your colors, as it creates a delicate sheen without drawing too much attention to the lips," she explains.

So the shopping pick? You'l want to snap a tube (or 34) of Charlotte Tilbury Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria. Courtesy; Getty 1 of 12 Advertisement