Why You’re About to See Lip Prints All Over Instagram

Tarte Cosmetics - Cyberbullying
Photo: prestpoutbeauty/Instagram via tartecosmetics/Instagram

The Internet is an irreplaceable tool—one of knowledge, connection, and sharing. But apart from all its merits, it, unfortunately, can also be the place of bullying and negativity. Like so many of us, Tarte is tired of the trolls and is launching an anti-cyberbullying initiative #kissandmakeup that will aim to remind Instagram users, and the rest of the world, the importance of using the world wide web to spread kindness and support, not needless hurtful remarks.

To do so, the cosmetics company has patterned with the Tyler Clementi Foundation, which is an organization that seeks to end bullying on and off the Internet and was created by the Clementi family after Tyler Clementi, a victim of cyberbullying, took his own life at 18.

"I am grateful to tarte cosmetics for elevating this conversation and helping the Tyler Clementi Foundation continue to raise awareness of the pain and harm caused when social media is used as a weapon to inflict hurt and destruction on the lives of so many people, including my son Tyler Clementi," said Jane Clementi in a press release. "Rather, let's remember the Golden Rule and use the digital world for the good that it was intended for: to increase communication and keep people connected. Always use it to build others up and give support and show empathy to others. Your words do matter, and they will make a difference in someone's life. Let them be used for good."

Here’s how the initiative will work. After applying a coat of lipsticks, kiss your hand and place it over your mouth and snap a selfie. Post it on Instagram using #kissandmakeup. Tag your friend in the picture and send them a compliment and tag @tartecosmetics and @tyler_clementi_foundation.

For every selfie that’s posted, tarte will donate to the Tyler Clementi Foundation. On August 25th, National Kiss and Makeup Day, Tarte will repost some of the Instagram pics and will award one fan, selected at random, a lifetime supply of Tarte products.

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