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MIMI Bright Lipstick - Lead 2016
Credit: Getty

More often than not, I'm wearing lipstick. It's just so simple, and it instantly makes you look chic and put together. Not to mention it takes literally two seconds to apply. In my early morning routine, I'd much rather grab for what's easy... as I'm sure most people would.

That being said, this summer I've been eschewing my beloved brights for moody deep lips because they're unexpected this time of year. It wasn't until the last week of July that I even realized that I hadn't stepped out once with an amazing bright coral lip. It all seemed bizarre to me because, well, bright lips go with summer like peanut butter goes with jelly. A perfect match, if you will.

Turns out, saving all my bright action was very serendipitous. Around the first week of August, I got me a case of the summer blues that just wouldn't quit. That awful feeling like there were only a few precious weeks of summer left. Those gorgeous beach days—the ones that you spend out on the surf from the moment you open your eyes to when you pass out that night—were growing fewer and fewer. The looming anxiety that the good times might be fewer and further between with the approach of September was very real.

But never one to spend too much time feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I was going to combat these blues head on—with happiness in a tube, otherwise known as bright lipstick. I made a point to pick bright and happy colors every single day, and with those choices, my mood was lifted.

MIMI Bright Lipstick - Embed 2016
Credit: Kyleen James

Then, I upped the ante. Not only was I going to be playful with my bright pout, but I was going to take full advantage of my favorite summer sunnies.

If there is ever a time for fun sunglasses, it's now. I started to look forward to figuring out what lipstick I was going to pair with which pair of eyewear each day. Would I take things vintage with a twist? Or full on glam queen? It changed every single day. But what didn't change was the pep in my step.

MIMI Bright Lipstick - Embed 2016
Credit: Kyleen James

This particular pairing of sunnies and lippie made me feel like the heavens were singing. I took a classic cat eye ($69;—v. Old Hollywood, am I right—and gave it a twist with a bright pink lip ($17; that would make Elle Woods proud.

The result? My very own version of Summer '16 glamour that I can turn to any darn time I like, whether we're in the middle of a heatwave or not.